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This Mario Movie fan edition is a nod to the character’s original design – Destructoid

Bring back fat Mario

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Mario is one of the most recognizable and beloved video game characters in history, and I think we’ve chosen well to have him represent the medium that is us so expensive. There are many facts that make Mario so universally adored (which is largely thanks to Charles Martinet’s vocal performance that spans decades), but one of them is his chunky little character design. , who doesn’t look as prominent in his next film.

Even compared to other human characters on the roster like Princess Peach, Mario’s proportions are much more distinct. He’s small, he’s round, and his little circular torso acts as the point from which the rest of his limbs emanate. It’s an iconic look, and given that we’ve seen it so many times over the years, it’s easy to sense something’s wrong, even if we can’t pinpoint exactly what it is.

Mario from the movie Mario if he was more like his design from the game games

Thanks to some fans on the internet, we now have a side-by-side comparing the classic Mario look to the new design from the movie. The changes are subtle, but they’re definitely here. It might not be as shocking as when Ugly Sonic debuted, but something about Mario just doesn’t feel quite right to me. Of course, that’s partly because Chris Pratt’s voice comes out of him.

Something I noticed about the fan redesign is the emphasis on shapes – a classic tenet of character design. While the movie Mario has more realistic proportions by anime character standards (which actually drew many comparisons to Ralph’s Wrecks‘s Fix-It Felix), the fan interpretation brings back a lot of roundness to Mario’s design, especially when it comes to his eyes, hands, feet, and torso.

The visual changes wouldn’t bother me as much if Mario’s new voice was more true to the character, but the combination of the new body and voice is a bit too weird for my taste.