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Tiger & Bunny Live-Action Adaptation Greenlit for Third Time

Bandai Namco Pictures has reportedly greenlighted a live-action adaptation of the tiger and rabbit series for the third time. Producing the series in partnership with Bandai Namco is SK Global, the film company behind feature films such as boobies rich asian and silver ball. Unlike the previous two failed ventures, however, SK Global is aiming to produce it as a series rather than a movie. [Thanks, Variety!]

tiger and rabbit first appeared as an anime series in 2011 by animation studio Sunrise. The series went on to receive one-off manga, video game and play adaptations, as well as two animated feature films in 2012 and 2014. Most recently, the second season of the anime was released on Netflix in April 2022 .

This is the third time Bandai Namco has attempted to produce a live-action adaptation of the popular anime series. Previous attempts involved production companies such as Imagine Entertainment and Global Road Entertainment. Bandai Namco’s two previous deals fell through when their respective partners collapsed, resulting in the intellectual property rights reverting to Bandai Namco.

The tiger and rabbit the live-action series will have Mr. Raven Metzner, the executive producer of the Marvel TV series iron fist‘s second season, adaptation and show-running. Other executive producers include the producer of the original tiger and rabbit anime series, Ozaki Masayuki.

Filosophia CEO Tetsu Fujimura will also serve as executive producer. Fujimura’s earlier works include the cowboy bebop live-action series, the next A play live action series, and the ghost in the shell live action movie. Fujimura reportedly said development was already underway. He also said the show will be shown to broadcasters and streamers, including Netflix.