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Together, let’s take concrete action against obesity

BRUSSELS, Belgium, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With hundreds of millions of people worldwide are currently living with obesityit is more important than ever to support world obesity day and the call on everyone to act now. By joining forces with obesity and health-related organizations around the world, the The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) is proud to renew its support to this key awareness day.

Obesity remains a global problem and affects us all1:

  • 800 million people live with obesity and millions more are in danger;
  • Childhood obesity is also a major public health challenge and is expected to further increase by 60% over the next decade, reaching 250 million by 2030;
  • Obesity is the escape from many diseases including type 2 diabetescardiovascular diseases and certain cancers;
  • Also importantly, in the context of the pandemic the world has been facing for the past two years, people with obesity are twice as likely to be hospitalized in the event of a positive test for COVID-19.

Anne-Sophie Joly, President of the CNAO2the French association of people living with obesity, points out that: “Although obesity affects a large part of the world’s population, it is still largely unknown today. Obese patients need everyone’s support to aspire to a better future: better prevention, information and education around obesity for all.”

Today we know that the root causes of obesity are complex and multifactorial, and therefore the solutions are not simple. Always, while no amount of action can solve the obesity crisis, creating a healthier food environment is a step forward.

Together we can make a difference in obesity management
In line with this year’s World Obesity Day theme, “Everyone must act” now, and together, to spread the word about obesity prevention and management. That’s why, for this year’s campaign, the ISA is honored to partner with renowned obesity and health-related organizations for the development of its digital campaign, including: CNAO and ADEXO3respectively the French and Portuguese associations of obese people, as well as Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO). Our campaign has also received valuable support from the Brazilian Diabetes Association4 (AN ADVERTISEMENT), the Brazilian Association of Diabetes Educators5 (ANBED), the Colombian Federation of Diabetology6 (CDF), and the Brazilian Federation of Diabetes Organizations7 (FENAD).

With all of the above in mind, the ISA is proud to launch its campaign for World Obesity Day 2022, which includes:

  • A animated and inspiring video that aims to help raise awareness on the facts of obesity and the importance of providing and receiving the right support, as well as the role of low/no calorie sweeteners in a healthier food environment. Watch our video below or by click here.
  • Exclusive interviews with our partners who tell us more about the importance of World Obesity Day and ensuring better prevention, care and support for all. These insightful interviews are available as follows:
  • Sweet and healthy recipes: Low-calorie or no-calorie sweeteners are food ingredients that taste sweet and are used in place of sugars in beverages, foods, and home recipes. They can help us adapt traditional recipes while enjoying healthy and tasty meals with little or no sugar and fewer calories. Get inspired with Sweet and healthy ISA recipes with low/no calorie sweeteners, available below:

Everyone, everywhere, and regardless of size, should have access to and be able to enjoy healthy, safe, and great-tasting foods and meals to live healthier, happier, and longer lives!

To hire in the conversation about World Obesity Day 2022 using #ISA4WOD, #WorldObesityDay and #EverybodyNeedsToAct.

For more information on low calorie/no calorie sweeteners, please visit or contact the ISA Secretariat by contacting [email protected]

This press release is also available on the ISA website here:

2 National Collective of Obese Associations
3 Association of Doentes Obese e Ex-obese from Portugal
4 Associação Nacional de Atenção ao Diabetes
5 Associação Nacional Brasileira de Educadores em Diabetes
6 Federacion Diabetologica Colombiana
7 Federation National of Associations and Entities of Diabetes

A video accompanying this announcement is available at