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True value comes from backed assets like Uniglo (GLO), Maker (MKR) and BitDAO (BIT)

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a tsunami of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFT collections. It was clear to any sane person that the crypto market was in a bubble with heavily inflated valuations on fledgling networks, niche DeFi platforms, meme-fueled tokens and cartoon animal jpegs. .

Ultimately, what matters to long-term investors is inherent value and utility, not speculation. If an asset has no intrinsic value other than what people imagine it has, unless it achieves mass adoption, it will eventually not be competitive with projects that have real value.

As the entire altcoin market bottomed out with price declines of over 90%, DAOs with real assets behind them began to take over the world. Even the Bored Ape Yacht Club is now a DAO.

A DAO is a distributed autonomous organization. There is no corporation behind it, no shareholders, no board of directors and no profit. All operations are voted on by those who hold the native DAO token.

Some good examples of DAO tokens that have inherent value and utility are Maker DAO (MKR) and BitDAO (BIT). Maker allows users to leverage assets to generate Dai – a decentralized community-run cryptocurrency that tracks the price of USD. Each DAI token is backed by another asset. And BitDAO is a DAO with billions of existing assets. The plan is to invest these assets in promising Web3 projects.

There is now a new Treasury-backed asset on the block called Uniglo (GLO). This is another DAO investment. But it has a twist. Tokenomics was specifically designed to attract long-term investors while thwarting short-term speculators. Moreover, GLO’s tokenomics greatly favors ICO investors. The Uniglo ICO is ongoing and will continue until mid-October or until the GLO supply runs out.

Uniglo’s idea is to build a community which in turn builds a massively diverse portfolio of digital investments. Anything that can be tokenized is fair game for Uniglo’s cash flow. Investments can include not only crypto and NFT projects, but also real-world assets like real estate, gold, fine art, and rare collectibles.

At launch, cash will be worth less than market cap. But the idea is that it gets bigger and bigger over time until the value of the token is completely backed by valuable assets.

How does it get there? It uses a trick learned from NFTs. A 10% royalty on all secondary market sales is paid to the Treasury. 5% comes from the buyer and 5% from the seller. This means that money is constantly flowing into the Treasury, regardless of which direction the market is heading. Also, the more volatile markets become, the faster cash grows.

Additionally, 2% of all secondary market GLO sales are automatically burned. So, just as cash is constantly increasing, the circulating supply is constantly decreasing. For ICO investors, even a small investment today could turn into a golden nest egg in years and decades to come.

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