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Ubisoft Stockholm is working on an unannounced action-oriented fighting game

One of Ubisoft’s subsidiaries is rumored to be working on a brand new combat-focused IP action game.

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Ubisoft is one of the most prolific publishers in the gaming industry, releasing new titles to a sizable fanbase every year. Now it looks like the Ubisoft franchises are loving Assassin’s Creed and rainbow ifx are set to welcome another brand new IP to the company based on the promise of its new subsidiary Ubisoft Stockholm.

Ubisoft Stockholm is currently advertising a plethora of jobs in the game designer industry, and many of the required information hints at a bigger project. Talk of Ubisoft working on a new MMO game has been circulating for several months, but a review of several advertised positions reveals more evidence pointing to what the IP is going to entail.


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The Lead Game Designer role at the Stockholm company requires employees to have experience in action/combat design, suggesting a more combat-focused video game effort. Ubisoft’s typical focus on open-world exploration and/or RPG elements means it’s established a specific genre of games it works best for. However, since Ubisoft Stockholm is set to work on several unreleased IPs with animation engineers and C++ coders specializing in fighting/action games, previous rumors that the secret IP is an MMO game seem less certain.

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Additional requirements list player-centric features such as “combat mechanics, player roles, and other non-combat related action gameplay,” which fuel the scorching fire of Ubisoft’s latest venture. It could be argued that most game genres require combat in one way or another, but the company’s demand for potential employees with prior experience in such a demanding category strongly implies that combat and the action will be one of the selling points of the upcoming game.

The rapid influx of incoming game projects announced by Ubisoft and its subsidiaries looks very promising for the growth of the brand. Ubisoft seems to have heeded some criticism of its current business plan and market, perhaps looking to move away from its comfortable franchise bases to produce more varied and unique content in the years to come. Several recently developed games on Ubisoft’s 2022 schedule are a balance between older and newer titles, suggesting that this development shift will arrive sooner than expected.

Ubisoft Stockholm was founded in 2017 and is currently collaborating on an ambitious Avatar linked game with Massive Entertainment. Unfortunately, the studio is still keeping many specific details about the new project under wraps, announcing that the only way to find out more about the unrevealed IP is to join the team. While this suggests that Ubisoft is still in a pre-alpha phase for the game, there’s already enough teasing on offer to get players excited and ready for a state-of-the-art release.

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