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UMVC3 gets another shot with some awesome new character mods

The modders are doing what Marvel and Capcom won’t – provide as much fan service as the thrilling setting of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 allows.

The popularity of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has skyrocketed in recent times, with a small but dedicated modding community adding a variety of features to this decade-old fighting game, including a selection of (mostly) new in-game characters. new characters, modders added stage changes and new alternate costumes and changed some character animations. With the disappointment of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and the renewed interest in older games in the series like Marvel vs. Capcom 2modders have dedicated themselves to creating the game that Marvel and Capcom don’t give them.

Technically speaking, character mods don’t outright add new characters to the game’s roster. Instead, they replace existing character slots, import new models, and give the modded character their own unique moves without altering the functionality of the original character. Entire models, colors, voice clips, animations and effects can be modified and changed to match another character based on the modder’s wishes. Most of these mods can be found on, with installation instructions that should be easy for players to follow, even if they are new to modding.

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The cornerstone of MvC3 modding is the inclusion of Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men and a fan-favorite character whose assist potential and extremely good combos have always made him a very popular character to use among Marvel vs. Capcom Veterans. Unfortunately, as part of Marvel’s then-ongoing campaign to divert attention from the X-Men, Cyclops was left out in favor of Wolverine as the frontline X-Man for Wonder 3. Thanks to the efforts of modders “tabs” and their friends in the community, they managed to modify Crimson Viper and turn her into the beloved mutant with optical explosion to the point of matching her Marvel vs. Capcom 2 moveset almost completely.

Another major character mod by tabs and their team is Rashid from the street fighter series, a popular newcomer Street Fighter V who uses turbulent winds to gain an advantage in battle. Replacing Viewtiful Joe’s character slot, Rashid is a particularly extensive character mod to barely resemble Joe’s moves across the board. Because Rashid is a very fast character who uses a lot of aerial juggling attacks, something unique for a street fighter character, he turns out to be an absolutely perfect fit for the Marvel vs. Capcom listing.

One of the most recently announced extended character mods is Juri Han, street fighterhas been the resident villain since Super Street Fighter IV. Made by user MarrowOchi, the mod is still under development. It has not been announced which character is being replaced. Still, it’s relatively easy to see the remaining Morrigan animations from Dark Stalkers notoriety. Given that both characters are femme fatales who use flashy kicks in their moves, this alternate choice is quite fitting.

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Modders also added a huge library of alternate costumes and skins to existing characters, though most of them didn’t change anything else to the original animations or meshes. Players can find a DMC1 costume for Dante, an alternate Miles Edgeworth costume for Phoenix Wright, Werewolf Captain America, and even characters from non-Marvel/Capcom properties like 2B from To deny: automatons and Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY. Many mods also feature animation modifiers like Vergil’s move set from DMC5 and fun sound replacements like Iron Man running Djchamploo’s Infinite Combo tutorial.

The massive library of mods that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has at its disposal has breathed new life into the game, showing that players still love and appreciate the hard work that goes into putting these two universes against each other. Hopefully, soon, not only will fans get their wishes from enthusiastic modders and developers respectful enough to remaster the games, but also that Marvel will once again collaborate with Capcom to enact a new installment in the game’s beloved crossover. of fight.

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