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Velma series reimagines the character as a South Asian crime solver

the original scooby-doo The cartoon series premiered in 1969 and has since spawned numerous spin-offs and related material for decades. Even casual viewers are familiar with the four teenage protagonists, their green, groovy Mystery Machine, and the undeniable charm of the franchise’s titular anthropomorphic Great Dane. Known for his comforting and stereotypical style, scooby-doo has seen little variation in its more than 50 years of existence. While a popular version of the iconic series quietly featured a queer Velma Dinkley, the next Velma the TV series – starring and produced by the incomparable Mindy Kaling – will further diversify the main cast.

From a slew of straight-to-DVD movies to theatrical releases and stunning fan-made media – some following the darker tone of the popular The CW series, Riverdale — love for the archetypal franchise has all but diminished. Actress, screenwriter and producer Mindy Kaling finally shoots the concept of adult Scooby kingdoms of family guy into a full series. Voice show holder Velma, she will also serve as an executive producer for the series and has spoken out against the baffling amount of backlash regarding the character’s reinvention as a South Asian crime solver.

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While Kaling’s take on the character will be the first of South Asian descent, depictions of a non-white Velma are nothing new. Notable Japanese-American actress and singer-songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko played the character in the 2009 live-action feature film, Scooby-Doo! The mystery begins. And Kiyoko later reprized the role in its sequel, Scooby-Doo! The Curse of Monster Lake. Either way, a more grown-up take on the classic cartoon may be long overdue.

Even the most devout scooby-doo fans are fed up with the standard “monster of the week” format in which the “monster” in question is always a greedy little masked criminal. While some may be put off by Velmait is bloody images and a dark, comical nature, others think it’s high time the adorable and goofy Scooby Gang stumbles upon a real crime scene. This reimagining of the formula is sure to bring laughs, and given Kaling’s comedic chops, the upcoming HBO Max the series will definitely be a hit.

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During the initial event of Warner Bros. Discovery, Kaling said of his role in Velma, “To be able to voice this iconic character in his very first origin story is a dream come true, and not only because it literally requires no time, hair or makeup.” Further, addressing the bigotry-inspired backlash, Kaling added, “No one’s imagination has ever had a problem with a talking dog to solve mysteries. So a brown Velma is fine. I think we can all handle it. I want to miss this, come on HBO Max.”

While some claim that the next Velma the project is pointless, and only adds to a tired trend of “adult” children’s media, others are intrigued by the show. After countless decades of masked men and supernatural forces, the Scooby Gang can finally position themselves as serious crime scene investigators. Love or hate this direction, there’s no denying the intrigue that accompanies it.