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Vin Diesel Set To Host Live-Action Street Shark Movie

Street Sharks is a cult 90s animated series and here’s why Vin Diesel and his ties to the series make it perfect for a live-action movie.

If a live action street sharks movie is coming, here’s why Vin Diesel should be the one to present it. Vin Diesel’s first breakthrough came when he was cast in a supporting role in Saving Private Ryan after Steven Spielberg saw his short film Multi-Facial. He quickly moved on to be the main man from there after being cast as Convict Riddick in the 2000 feature Creature. field blackand soon after he played Dom in the first entry of The fast and the furious film franchise.

Although he’s now well known for leading multiple franchises, Diesel once had an aversion to follow-ups. He is famous for bailing out 2 Fast 2 Furious and despite the xXx franchise being created for him, he withdrew from the first sequel. Diesel is fully embracing follow-ups now, with most of his film productions in recent years being part of franchises. It even tried to run other properties for itself like The Last Witch Hunter who hasn’t fully connected with the public.


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Another distinguishing characteristic of Vin Diesel is his gravelly voice, which has been used to express fantastical effects on characters like the titular iron giant or Groot in the MCU. Of course, like many young actors, Diesel had to go to several gigs to pay the bills before moving on to movies, and one of them was all the rage. street shark toys at the 1994 Toy Fair, as seen in this adorable street sharks video. For the uninitiated, street sharks is a 90s animated series that ran for three seasons and followed the adventures of four siblings who are transformed into half-human, half-shark anthropomorphic hybrids by an evil scientist. If a live action street sharks ever happened, so Vin Diesel just might be the perfect star for it.

Street Sharks animated television series

street sharks was basically a riff on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but he is fondly remembered by those who grew up with the show. Sadly, there don’t seem to be any plans for revivals or film adaptations, but it’s a property with some potential. Michael Bay’s Product Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies or sonic the hedgehog showed that live-action takes on these nostalgic properties can be hugely successful, while The Suicide Squad King Shark also showed that a movie can have a very believable talking shark character interacting with human actors.

The show was an over-the-top, goofy premise by design, and in that aforementioned video, Diesel is clearly a big street sharks fan. A live action street sharks the film could update “gene-slammer” technology for modern viewers, and Diesel has four roles to choose from; Great White shark Ripster, Whale Shark Big Slammu, Tiger Shark Streex or Hammerhead Jab. Throughout his career, Diesel drifted into more fantasy or action-oriented material with a tongue-in-cheek tone anyway, and street sharks could definitely match this piece.

It would give him a ready-made franchise to sink his teeth into, with the added benefit of doing most of the work from a recording booth. During a live action street sharks movie isn’t currently in development, it’s hard to imagine a better actor to portray it than Vin Diesel, who has a rock ’em sock ’em film in development too.

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