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What other movies and TV shows has ‘She-Hulk’ star Tatiana Maslany appeared in?

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You may be more accustomed to seeing Tatiana Maslany looking a little green these days, but don’t worry – the Canadian actor is only suffering from a fantastic exposure boost. The roles don’t get much more amazing than playing Bruce Banner’s cousin.

She-Hulk: Lawyer promises to bring Hulk-smashing and legal japes to Disney+ this summer. It’s the closest to a Marvel sitcom since Wanda visionEarly misdirection, though it’s peppered with hard-hitting action and ties to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ll have to wait and see how the series balances its elements, hopefully taking cues from some of the most gripping storylines in Marvel comics, and whether it plays like a gamma-infused Ally McBeal. But true to the page, it looks like lead character Jennifer Walters will balance her role as a lawyer caught up in the US legal system’s attempts to deal with an explosion of super-powered villains and her transformation into a 6’7 green superhero. “. .

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Maslany’s inspired casting pleased fans when she was announced as Walters in 2020. Since then, she’s taken center stage in trailers, holding her own against special guest Mark Ruffalo as Hulk and CGI controversial. Of course, any good Hulk needs to make the most of his extraordinary double life, and we’ll meet Walters in his human and gamma forms. This means Maslany will have to navigate some compelling performances and tonal shifts. Luckily, she has a record of it, thanks to her eclectic and diverse acting career.

If you’re having trouble remembering where you’ve seen her before, we’ve rounded up some of Maslany’s best-known roles on the road to mcu.

Diary of the dead (2007)

Maslany must be a Romero Zombie! The Maestro of Horror has reset his Undead franchise with the fifth installment, returning to the beginning of the zombies last seen in night of the living dead. Romero’s later zombie movies may not be as highly regarded as his early classics, but that role was a feather in the cap for 22-year-old Maslany. She plays Mary, one of the first of a group of film students to be infected during the mysterious outbreak.

Hunger Games (2008)

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A bonus role in Katniss Everdeen? While you might know Jennifer Lawrence best as the rebel leader from Suzanne Collins’ dystopian epic YA Hunger Games, Maslany narrated the complete trilogy for her audiobook release. Listeners praised the actor’s newfound depth to the story, especially his twist on his heroine. A bonus version also features a Q&A; with the actor-narrator.

Being Erica (2009-2011)

Maslany appeared here as Sarah, the temperamental, heroin-addicted daughter of Michael Riley’s Dr. Tom Wexlar, in this Canadian comedy-drama. You can see her in the second year of the show’s four seasons. Another role built on her early years of comedic improv – a major reason for becoming the versatile performer she is today and why her casting as She-Hulk Jennifer Walters did so well.

The Nativity (2010)

The Nativity_Tatiana_Maslany
Image via BBC

One of the first roles was playing Mary, mother of Jesus, in the BBC’s four-part account of The Nativity. Lively filmed in Morocco, the show received rave reviews for emphasizing the human relationships between its famous protagonists. Originally screened on concurrent days just before Christmas, it’s a format ready for seasonal canning.

Captain Canuck (2013)

Captain Canuck is a Canadian comic book superhero who first appeared in 1975, rejuvenating the country’s comic book industry. In 2013, the story was adapted for a five-episode animated web series with Kris Holden-Reid voicing the main character, Paul Amos as his nemesis Mr. Gold, and Maslany as Redcoat, a military-trained British agent and ally. of confidence. of Canuck.

black orphan (2013-2017)

Maslany’s breakthrough lead role was a transatlantic series, black orphan. In five years, she garnered accolades and awards in one of television’s toughest roles. Introduced as British con artist Sarah Manning, the show revealed a network of clones around the world, with Maslany playing them all.

The show didn’t stop experimenting and relied on Maslany atop a great cast to hold the concept together. Their efforts have earned a loyal fanbase called #CloneClub. That says something that many critics considered a huge snub to the years Maslany didn’t receive a Primetime Emmy nomination.

3: Below: Tales of Arcadia (2018-2019)

Animated series 3Below is the second chapter in 26 parts by Guillermo del Toro Tales of Arcadia trilogy and a prime example of the eminent directors and talents that fill Maslany’s resume. Here, she starred alongside Diego Luna and Glenn Close as Crown Princess Aja Tarron, one of two royal siblings trying to make a living in California while escaping fearsome bounty hunters. By the second season, she was a queen, which seems fair enough.

Perry Mason (2020)

Maslalny may have picked up some legal clues from this show, though she did play the difficult role of Sister Alice McKeegan in the first season. As a preacher and leader of the Radiant Assembly of God, it was another moving and moving performance that earned the show’s only award so far – as a supporting actress in a drama at the Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards.

HBO’s highly publicized reboot Perry Mason returned to the famed lawyer’s roots, portraying him as a failed private detective struggling with the trauma of the Great War, a divorce, and Los Angeles in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

The Harper House (2021)

The Harper House was canceled just a week after its 10-episode first season wrapped. It’s worth grabbing Paramount+ as an attempt to push adult animated series in a different direction. It focused on Rhea Seehorn’s working mother, Debbie Harper, who is forced to move her family to a run-down house in a run-down neighborhood in Arkansas and attempts to rebuild their lives with madcap plans. Maslany played Ollie Harper, one of Debbie’s 11-year-old twins.

heartland (2021)

This wildly successful Canadian series has aired on CBC’s Canadian network for 16 years. Adapted from Lauren Brooke heartland books, it follows the story of sisters Amy and Lou Fleming on their Alberta ranch. Maslany appeared in the first two series as Kit Bailey, a friendly local cowgirl and briefly girlfriend of ranch farmer Ty Borden.

She-Hulk: Lawyer streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting August 17, 2022.