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Where to find TikTok’s avatar maker to save your alter ego in 3D

Prepare to enter your villain era by creating as many alter egos with the new TikTok avatars. Yes, the social media app has finally jumped on the 3D mini-me trend, and the result is similar to what you’ve used when creating Bitmojis in Snapchat or Memojis on your iPhone – but now you can bring the cartoon fun at your FYP. TikTok avatars dropped on June 7, and once you know where to find the TikTok avatar maker, you’ll want to create endless versions of your digital self with new hairstyles, makeup, and more.

TikTok unveiled its very first Avatars as a way to give users more ways to show off their individuality on the app – and you can certainly expect to get creative while you’re doing it. (No, you do not have have be a villain, but maybe at least try some funky hair colors?) The feature, which lets you create realistic avatars on the app, offers plenty of options for expressing yourself through your digital mini-me. You can dress up your avatar with a variety of hairstyles, accessories, piercings and makeup. To “ensure the experience is truly representative” of all users, according to the press release, there are also a variety of different skin tones, hair colors, and hair textures that you can use to render your Avatar like you (or as close as a cartoon can get). To get started with the new feature, check out this guide on creating and using TikTok avatars.

How to Create TikTok Avatars

First, you’ll need to launch your TikTok app and open the camera by tapping the “+” sign in the center of the bottom bar. From there, select “Effects” and search for TikTok Avatars, which features two faces side by side in its icon.

Courtesy of TikTok

Once you open TikTok Avatars, you will see a panel with templates for different avatars. You can use the templates for inspiration or hit “New” to create your own personalized mini-me. You can customize your entire look including skin tone, eyebrows, eyes, etc.

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To add a new voice to your avatar, you can also use Avatar Voice Effects. In your Effects section, select the Avatar Voice Effects icon, which features an avatar with a green speech bubble. You’ll be able to choose a voice style and then start speaking into your microphone.

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How to use TikTok avatars

Once you’ve created your TikTok avatar and selected a voice effect (if that’s your thing), it’s time to record your video. Just tap record to start recording your video, and your avatar will mimic your on-screen movements and gestures.

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There are also different avatars that you can add to your videos. Under Effects, you’ll find miniature avatars, which allow you to adjust the size of your mini-me in your video and place it anywhere on the screen. You can also add expressions, such as heart-shaped eyes, using the options available on the left side of your screen.

Courtesy of TikTok

Once you’ve perfected your first avatar, you’ll probably want to create a dozen more. So, go back to step one and repeat. In no time, you’ll have a whole crew of Avatar besties. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about? OK, maybe not, but it’s fun and you can have pink hair without worrying about dyeing your bathtub a hot pink. This is what it’s really about.