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Which Amanda Seyfried Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Thanks to his transformation for his role in Hulu’s The stall, Amanda Seyfried has received all kinds of praise for her acting skills. The truth is, she’s been completely transforming for years with such a wide variety of roles. From Karen in mean girls to Sophie in Mom MiaSeyfried never plays the same type of character twice.

With such varied experience in the roles, it’s no surprise, then, that audiences can associate a zodiac sign with these different characters, finding one to identify with based on their motivations and personality traits.


12 Aries: Missy (the big wedding)

Missy leaning on Alejandro in The Big Wedding

When Missy gets ready to marry the guy of her dreams in The big wedding, his dysfunctional family and his dysfunctional family are going for a ride. Missy doesn’t get much screen time given that it’s her wedding, but what audiences see of her demonstrates her passionate nature, loyalty, and desire to communicate honestly with her potential spouse.

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This all adds up to the fact that Missy is an Aries. Aries are often seen as impulsive, but they’re just people who want to do something instead of talk about it. This is evident in the way Missy speaks her mind as her parents are more worried about their appearance, and her decision to go ahead and get married while her family members were busy getting married. argue.

11 Taurus: needy (Jennifer’s body)

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body

Taurus is often considered the most stubborn sign, but it’s also often the most stable sign. They avoid change at all costs. Needy has maintained a friendship with Jennifer since she was a child, despite the distance between their paths.

Taurus is also one of the most protective zodiac signs. Needy’s devotion to Jennifer turns into a need for justice for the boyfriend she cannot protect from her friend as a succubus. She also becomes someone who sets out to avenge Jennifer after the fact in Jennifer’s body. She’s a real Taurus.

ten Gemini: Lilly (Veronica Mars)

Veronica and Lilly Kane in a Veronica Mars flashback

Before Amanda Seyfried did musicals, she was the main character’s murdered best friend in Veronique Mars. Audiences only got to know her through a handful of flashbacks in the series.

What audiences know about Lilly is that she’s bubbly, one of the most popular girls in school, and someone who rolls with the punches when bad things are thrown at her. Lilly is absolutely the charming Gemini.

9 Cancer: Judy (the flapper)

Judy at the gas station window in The Clapper

Judy is a gas station attendant saving money to fulfill her dreams when she gets caught up on a late-night talk show against her will. Her job, especially the night shift, means she meets some of the most interesting characters in her Hollywood neighborhood and generally befriends them.

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Judy sees the good in just about everyone she meets, having great empathy for those in difficult situations. Of course, if someone she sees good in hurts her, she blames them. She doesn’t talk to Eddie for six months when she thinks it’s her fault she lost her job. She is the embodiment of a Cancer.

8 Leo: Daphne (Scoob!)


Although Fred is often seen as the leader of the Scooby Gang, it’s Daphne who often gets the most attention, and that’s true in Scoob! as well. She is just as much of a natural leader as Fred.

Leos are also incredibly brave and loyal, two traits that Daphne doesn’t lack. She’s always ready to step up for her friends and solve a mystery.

seven Virgo: Sophie (Letters to Juliet)

Sophie has planned her whole life. She knows exactly what she wants to do, but it’s a little derailed by the time she spends writing letters like she’s Shakespeare’s Juliet. She grows up to care about the people whose letters she reads, and she just wants to give them closure.

This tendency to plan everything, but also the desire to take care of people, are traits of Virgo. They are the planners and nurturers of the zodiac.

6 Libra: Karen (Mean Girls)

Karen Smith looks shocked in Mean Girls

Karen is perhaps Amanda Seyfried’s best-known character. Although she had other roles before, mean girls was his big break. As part of the group of mean girls, Karen really wasn’t intentionally mean. Instead, she was someone who was always willing to listen to both sides of an argument and understand their points – despite her friends not getting it.

That’s exactly what Libras do. It’s a matter of balance and fair play. Sometimes their sense of fairness can be skewed, but they always strive to see both sides of the coin.

5 Scorpio: MK (epic)

MK examines a glowing pod in Epic

MK doesn’t really want to spend time with his dad in this animated movie. They don’t see eye to eye. To get what she wants, MK leaves a note for her father and decides to leave, but ends up going on an adventure.

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MK’s tendency to seek out exactly what she wants is exactly how Scorpios work. They can’t always express their exact feelings right away, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working towards their goals.

4 Sagittarius: Sophie (Mamma Mia)

Sky kisses Sophie at the hotel party

In Mom Mia and its sequel, Sophie is on a journey of self-discovery as much as she learns about her family. She wants everyone to be honest with each other, even as she hides her fair share of secrets. She also longs for the freedom to find her way in life.

Freedom and honesty are two things a Sagittarius loves, they also love to learn a good story and tell it. The audience sees all of this as Sophie learns of the possibility of knowing who her father is and decides she needs to spread her wings a bit before settling down.

3 Capricorn: Marion (Mank)

Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies in Mank

Marion is one of the few characters Seyfried has played to be inspired by a real person. Actress Marion Davies was a Capricorn in real life (born January 3), so it makes sense that she’s a Capricorn in man as well.

Marion has ambition, seeking drama despite the studio wanting to keep her in comedy. Of course, she also has a lot of loyalty to Hearst, the man who made her career possible and made her his mistress when she was still a teenager. That ambition and loyalty are two hallmarks of a Capricorn, but so is Marion’s attention to detail when planning parties and reading scripts.

2 Aquarius: Elizabeth (The Abandonment)

Elizabeth Holmes-Screaming-Amanda Seyfried-The Dropout-Ending-Episode 8-Lizzy

Elizabeth Holmes takes a big risk by dropping out of school to start her own business. She takes a bigger risk when the product doesn’t work in time and she lies about the results. Elizabeth has goals she wants to achieve on her own terms.

Her desire to forge her own path tends to trump everything else for her, much like an Aquarius who is the rebel of the zodiac. Aquarius is the most independent sign and fights ideas of destiny.

1 Pisces: Valerie (Red Riding Hood)

There are many takes on Red Riding Hood, but Valerie, as the title character, offers a horror movie take involving werewolves and a terrified village. Valerie is at the center of it all as a young woman dreaming of a future for herself that she might not be able to have.

As a Pisces, she’s in tune with her emotions, she’s creative, and she tries to escape some of her problems – all traits of the sign.

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