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Which Dwayne Johnson Character Are You According To Your Zodiac?

One of Hollywood’s most consistent actors, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is once again soaring high with his magnificent voice work in DC League of Superpets. In the animated film, Johnson voices Superman’s pet dog, Krypto The Superdog, as well as his fellow DC character, Black Adam.

Although Krypto and Black Adam are super powerful beings who have to deal with unique situations every day, there are certain aspects of them that people can relate to. It’s also easy to relate to many of Dwayne Johnson’s other characters, especially when their attributes and mannerisms are analyzed using the 12 zodiac signs.


12 Aries – Luke Hobbs (Fast & Furious franchise)

Individuals who belong to the constellation of Aries are defined by their courage, passion, and competitiveness. They may have faults such as recklessness and impulsiveness. Of Johnson’s characters, such traits match DSS agent Luke Hobbs.

As a law enforcement officer, Hobbs knows how to act with courage. He zealously hunts down Dominic Toretto and his crew, leading to some memorable confrontations. Hobbs isn’t shy about dueling either, whether it’s going up against inmates or the genetically-engineered villain, Brixton Lore. As such, he can prove himself to be one of the most skilled fighters in the game. fast furious franchise. But it’s Hobbs’ recklessness that gets him outsmarted by Dom’s team in Rio.

11 Taurus – Hercules (Hercules)

Taurus are dedicated, practical, dependable, and hardworking. As for weaknesses, they can be plagued by naivety and stubbornness. Johnson’s Hercules best fits such a description.

As the world’s mightiest warrior, Hercules never disappoints when it comes to rescuing casualties or leading forces on the battlefield. But as strong as he is, he is too easily fooled. Throughout the film, audiences find it hard to pity him when he is betrayed by Hera as well as King Eurystheus.

ten Gemini – Joe Kingman (The Game Plan)

Gemini is one of the most adaptable signs of the zodiac. Some are innovative and comedic too. On the contrary, they can be overly anxious and incoherent. Many of these traits sum up Joe, a quarterback in one of the most inspirational sports films.

Joe’s discovery that he has an eight-year-old child is hard for most people to digest, but he quickly adjusts to his new role as a father. While straying, Joe is often undecided on matters concerning his career, which renders him nearly jobless.

9 Cancer – Davis Okoye (Rampage)

Cancerians have a reputation for being caring, compassionate, and protective, and as a result, they come across as very motherly. While this isn’t always the case, there can also be vindictiveness beneath kindness. The primatologist, Okoye, possesses such characteristics.

While most of the characters in Carnage seem eager to harm the animals, Okoye goes to great lengths to protect the gorilla, George. Even when George grows up and goes on a rampage, Okoye chooses to remain loyal to him rather than leave him to the authorities. Unfortunately, Okoye becomes too obsessed to the point where he is okay with destroying other lives as long as George is safe.

8 Leo–Maui (Moana)

The Lions remain positive and confident. These are the attributes of Maui, the deuteragonist of one of Disney’s best animated films. When the coin is tossed, Leos can be self-centered and loud.

Maui has a difficult childhood where he is abandoned by his parents but stays positive, learns magic and becomes a big trickster. But as cool as he is, he can go his own way when it’s for his own benefit. Such events occur when he abandons Moana after her tense confrontation with the villainous Te Kā.

seven Virgo – Spencer Strasmore (Ballers)

Virgos are smart, analytical, and extremely hard-working, but it can get to a point where they always forget everything else. In the HBO series, CFO/CFO Spencer is the epitome of Virgo.

There’s always a lot at stake in the boardrooms that control the NFL, so Spencer’s prioritization of work is understandable. But Spencer is clearly Dwayne Johnson’s least fun character since outside of work he never manages to have solid relationships or have a good time like the NFL players he represents.

6 Libra – Krypto The Superdog (DC League Of Super-Pets)

Libras are charming, diplomatic, curious, and social. They easily endear themselves to others, making great team players in the process. Yet they can be bossy and overly emotional. That’s how one of the best super pets, Krypto, is.

Krypto’s ability to communicate well with others as he is able to easily integrate them into his mission, and that is the rescue of captured Justice League members by Lex Luthor. Despite this, he is not too kind to those who oppose him. His controlling nature becomes all too clear when he blackmails Ace into participating.

5 Scorpion – Bob Stone (Central Intelligence)

Scorpios are determined, independent, intuitive and proactive individuals. On the contrary, they may show blunt and jealous traits. One of those people is rogue agent Bob Stone from Central Intelligence.

That Stone goes from being one of the weakest students at his high school to a muscled CIA agent is very impressive. Even more impressively, he doesn’t mind working alone to bring down corrupted items. This assistant, his buddy Joyner lets it be known that he would appreciate it if he wasn’t too rough with him.

4 Sagittarius – Frank Wolff (jungle cruise)

Sagittarius is described as one of the most adventurous zodiac signs. They are energetic, talkative and cunning, just like the tour guide, Frank. Unfortunately, Sagittarians can be too spontaneous and temperamental.

From participating in the 1556 expedition to the Amazon rainforest to locate the tears of the moon to driving dangerous tourists, Frank proves that no one dives into getaways better than he does. The only thing that makes it unlikable is that it’s not authentic. Its biggest crime is relying on fake actors impersonating dangerous tribesmen to make experiences more fun for tourists.

3 Capricorn – Roadblock (GI Joe: Retaliation)

Capricorns are driven individuals and are always at their best when in charge. For this reason, they make the best bosses, leaders, and project managers, just like Commander Roadblock from GI Joe: Retaliation. On the contrary, they can be condescending.

Roadblock proves himself as the perfect team leader when he leads the surviving Joes on a mission to stop Cobra, who has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government. Although he leads a team that lacks numbers, he manages to achieve his goal. However, Roadblock is portrayed as being tough on his subordinates who he feels have not yet reached his skill level.

2 Aquarius – Smolder Bravestone (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle)

This intelligent zodiac sign is full of progressive and observant individuals. Yet they can be pessimistic. Of Johnson’s characters, Smolder (controlled by the teenage Spencer) of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the definitive Aquarius.

Smolder/Spencer is a great asset to the rest of the players because he understands how video games work better than anyone. As such, he is able to analyze situations with ease once in the game and to anticipate all the dangers. Still, the number of times he nearly gave up is alarming.

1 Pisces – John Hartley (red notice)

Pisces are normally graceful and sincere and also tend to be artistic. When it comes to weaknesses, Pisces can come across as wavering and indecisive, traits that may be tied to Hartley’s red notice.

Hartley’s artistic nature is evident in the relentless manner in which he attempts to acquire the jeweled eggs of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Yet he makes far fewer decisions than his partner in crime, Nolan Booth. There is also no happy ending for him. After going through hell to get the eggs and sell them, Hartley is still left with nothing as their accounts in the Cayman Islands containing $300 million are frozen.

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