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Which Harley Quinn animated character is the smartest?

The DC Animated Series, Harley Quinn, features a variety of heroes and villains from across the DC Universe, not to mention giving lesser-known characters a chance to shine. Additionally, being a new series, the series also introduced new original characters, some of whom have already made an impact.

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Within this hilarious cast of characters are some very smart individuals. While some of the brightest have doctorates, that’s not the only factor that makes a character smart. The smartest in the series think rationally and use their skills to their advantage, which consequently brings them success in what they set out to do.

ten king shark

King Shark Takes Sushi

King Shark is introduced in the fourth episode, “Finding Mr. Right”, as a nerd and computer genius, much to the surprise of not only Harley but also the audience. His soft side and sense of humor made him a solid fan favorite and one of the most wholesome characters on the show.

While he proved more than worthy in a fight, thanks to his jaws and strength, King Shark would instead be used for his technical knowledge and skill, which he also proved very good at, although his healthy side does. give the adorable shark-man a bit of an awkward streak.

9 Riddler

Harley Quinn The Riddler Edward Nigma

One of Batman’s most famous villains, the Riddler is a regular supporting character in harley quinn. While he played a memorable role in the first episode, he is most notable in Season 2. Here he is part of the Injustice League and eventually teams up with Dr. Psycho in his act of betrayal, forming one of the most unlikely friendships in the harley quinn animated series.

Riddler is one of Batman’s smartest enemies, in general, and the harley quinn release is no exception. He managed to take over Gotham University, escaped his restraints under Dr. Psycho’s watch, and his takeover of Gotham with Dr. Psycho was nearly successful. Even when he became torn, Riddler never lost his wits.


8 bat girl

Harley Quinn Barbara Gordon Batgirl Unmasks

One of Batman’s staunchest allies, Batgirl does not appear on the show until the second episode of Season 2. Barbara Gordon is a college student but inspired by Harley, and the ongoing crime due to the lack of Batman, Barbara decides to become Batgirl.

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Even before she became Batgirl, Barbara once acted smart when she sensed something strange was going on on the college campus. Additionally, Barbara is one of the most level-headed characters on the show, especially when it comes to her father. Considering she’s of college age and has already demonstrated that skill, Batgirl can definitely be considered one of the most intelligent characters in the series.

seven catwoman

Catwoman in DC Universe's Harley Quinn Trapped

harley quinnCatwoman’s version is one of the funniest releases to date. Distant and confident, Catwoman only cares about herself and her jewelry and isn’t afraid to openly make rude remarks to those around her. That said, she’s definitely one of the characters who deserved more screen time in harley quinn.

Still, her few appearances have proven that she is a very intelligent character. Being a cat burglar who works alone, Catwoman is already naturally calculating and intelligent. But despite her disinterest in other people, she is very observant and can pick things up almost right away, like she did with Ivy during the heist, and Harley and Ivy bonded.

6 Scarecrow

Scarecrow in the Harley Quinn series

Notably one of Batman’s most fearsome foes, Scarecrow in the harley quinn the series is oddly more affable than most versions of the character. Still, that didn’t stop him from being one of the smartest characters.

Scarecrow is best known for his chemistry and fear toxin skills and these are heavily used in the series. But what makes this particularly remarkable is that he not only creates a toxin using Poison Ivy’s pheromones, but even a special fear toxin for her, something that wouldn’t normally affect her. Thanks to his wits, Scarecrow could have single-handedly taken down one of Gotham’s most powerful villains.

5 Joker

Harley Quinn The Joker in his Tower

As Harley’s abusive ex, as well as Batman’s nemesis, Joker served as the main antagonist of the first season. Initially dismissive of her, Joker eventually learns that Harley is an extremely worthy opponent, leading to some of the best fights in the series.

Joker proved to be a very intelligent character throughout Season 1. Not only did his villainous plans to take over Gotham ultimately succeed, but he also proved to be very manipulative of not only Harley, but also his fellow members of Doon’s Legion, some of whom are intelligent themselves. Joker isn’t Batman’s nemesis for nothing.

4 Batman

Harley Quinn DC Universe Batman and Harley

Whether it’s comics, movies, or TV series, one of Batman’s main traits is his intelligence. Since he is primarily a vigilante detective with no powers, Batman must rely on his brains and gadgets to fight crime, and harley quinn is no exception.

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Batman is often patient and calculating, assessing the situation before acting with a plan. Even when physically unable to fight, Batman can still use his brain, being able to work remotely from the Batcave. The only thing Batman isn’t too smart about is his emotions or his ability to work with others.

3 harley quinn

Harley from the Harley Quinn series

Although she mostly relies on her physical abilities and reacts sadly with her emotions rather than thinking, Harley has proven to be a very intelligent character. As a trained doctor and psychiatrist, Harley uses her skills in psychology to get out of trouble.

The best example of this is in “A High Bar,” in which she plays on teenage Joshua’s insecurities to keep him from shooting her. Additionally, Harley uses pre-Joker herself (Dr. Harleen Quinzel) in order to diagnose (and self-diagnose) issues around her, which have been key to both accomplishing plans and healing relationships with others.

2 Dr Psycho

Wonder Woman’s nemesis, telekinetic Dr. Psycho, was kicked out of the Legion of Doom for calling her and Giganta the C-word. Strangely, it’s her ridiculous behavior and misogyny that somehow makes of him one of the funniest characters of Harley Quinn.

Despite his outdated attitudes towards women, Dr. Psycho is one of the smartest characters on the show. As a telepath and possessing telekinetic powers, Dr. Psycho can read minds and has a strong understanding of how the mind works. He really used that to his advantage in the second half of Season 2 and almost managed to take over Gotham. It’s easy to see why he was in the Legion of Doom before.

1 poison ivy

Poison Ivy from the Harley Quinn series

As perhaps the most balanced of Harley’s allies, Poison Ivy is the most intelligent character in the series. A doctor in several fields, Ivy’s intelligence doesn’t just lie in academia and plant life.

While Harley reacts emotionally and physically almost immediately to problems, Ivy is more reserved and knows when to back off. Additionally, she is extremely witty and quick with comebacks when it comes to other villains. Ivy is already one of the most powerful characters in the series, but her intelligence greatly enhances her.

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