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Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

When it comes to casts of various characters, Kingdom Hearts does a brilliant job of bringing different personalities to the table with his great ensemble. Whether a gamer is an outgoing social butterfly or an introverted, independent individual, they will find someone they identify with when playing games from this Square Enix franchise.

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This makes it easy to match each zodiac sign with a Kingdom Hearts character. While these characters don’t have canonically assigned star signs, especially since they’re from a different universe, they certainly fit into the same archetypes.

12 Aries: Donald Duck is the pioneer of the trio

If anyone is ready to jump straight into action, it’s Donald Duck. Passionate and independent like a true Aries, Donald does everything in his power to stand up for his friends (in his own way) and doesn’t allow himself to be dictated by others.

His candor is off-putting at times, but that’s only because Donald values ​​honesty above all else, especially when it comes to those he trusts. Sometimes his anger can be explosive, but he knows exactly how to use it.

11 Taurus: Terra doesn’t let failure stop her

Known as one of the hardest-working signs, Terra reflects a traditional Taurus. Although success isn’t as easy for Terra as it was for his friend Aqua, he doesn’t give up after his first major failure. Instead, he tries to save the Princesses of Hearts to give himself another shot at his failed exam.

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Terra had so much determination and willpower that her armor came alive to fight. Even Xehanort, with all his skill and experience, had never seen such a feat before and was shocked at Terra’s sheer will.

ten Gemini: Lea successfully merged her two sides

When Lea’s Nobody, Axel, is destroyed, he has no problem retaining his memories and personality from his time under Organization XIII. Lea’s dynamic ability to merge his two halves meant that he, of them all, was always the most adept at moving between groups.

Her quick wit and ability to always land on her feet almost perfectly mirrors the carefree personality of a Gemini, especially when players consider how naturally Lea adapts to party life.

9 Cancer: Master Eraqus is a faithful introvert

Master Eraqus is a tragic character who, despite his intense love for his students, followed his convictions to the end. However, his love for those he loved never wavered. Appearing cold on the surface and having a distaste for small talk, Eraqus was harder to contact, but he was a loyal friend once out of his shell.

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His intuition was also nearly nil, and his analytical nature meant that he let his heart reside inside Terra, allowing him to use it in the future when he needed it most.

8 Leo: Sora is everyone’s natural leader

The reasons why Sora is a Leo are many and obvious. Warm, lion-hearted, courageous and so much more, Sora embodies the fiery passion of a Leo and the bubbly social side that makes him so likeable.

Just like a Leo, Sora is his worst critic. There aren’t many people in the Kingdom Hearts universe who would criticize him, especially with the way he handles everything thrown at him, but Sora often laments his mistakes and always wishes he could do more and be better.

seven Virgo: Isa is a calmer presence in the Kingdom Hearts universe

On the surface, Isa could be seen as aloof and boring. For example, he is a much quieter cast member than everyone else. In reality, he is an intelligent individual who always looks at the big picture. There is a lot of wisdom in his mind, but people have to earn his trust and loyalty to access it.

Virgos often do things without complaining, and this is reflected in Isa’s willingness to return to her Saix existence and help a friend unknown to him and Axel. The value he places on a small group of friends is a very pristine trait, feeling more comfortable with a few select individuals rather than a large group.

6 Libra: Ventus is balance in the midst of chaos

While Ventus shares many similarities with Sora, he’s a bit more low-key and balanced in his demeanor, likely due to the darkness he’s able to possess in his heart. While Sora finds himself at one end of the scale, overly optimistic and bubbly Ventus finds the happy medium.

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Ventus always puts others first and tries to find solutions to other people’s problems. However, he sometimes falls victim to dreamlike behavior. Ironically, Libras work well with detail-oriented signs like Capricorns, which is the sign Aqua resonates with the most. This makes sense considering Aqua is one of Ventus’ closest friends.

5 Scorpio: Riku looks intimidating but feels more than people know

Much like Riku’s struggle with darkness and light in Kingdom Hearts, Scorpios struggle with how their emotions reinforce and drive them while making them feel vulnerable and out of control. This is the central conflict of Riku, who has always struggled to find balance.

Not only that, but Riku is confident, passionate, and loves a good fight. Despite his inner turmoil, he is able to dust himself off and put on the right facade for those he loves.

4 Sagittarius: Kairi is independent and generous

Most wouldn’t call Kairi independent and strong-willed, but she is. The only thing that sets her apart from Riku and Sora is her lack of combat skills. However, players see her risking her life for her friends and making her own bold decisions to do whatever she can to keep them safe.

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With a creative mind, an open heart, and a beautiful mind, Kairi can step aside at times, but players should remember that she’s as ready to embrace the unknown as everyone else.

3 Capricorn: Aqua has a drive like no other

Intelligent, career-oriented, and possessing a slight struggle with her deepest feelings, Aqua is the personification of an earthly Capricorn. Once she decided she wanted to become a Keyblade Master in her youth, nothing could pull her from this path, and she fought tooth and nail to stay in the light.

While she has made missteps with her closest friends, Ventus and Terra, she possesses an unwavering loyalty that has driven her to do everything in her power to get them back. Aqua is not perfect, despite the fact that she strives to be so every day.

2 Aquarius: King Mickey remains an enigmatic figure

Aquarius is unique, bold and mysterious, and no other star sign could match King Mickey than Aquarius. Hard to label, hard to understand, but always willing to put his life on the line to change the world, King Mickey is a phenomenal character with a lot to give.

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The changing air sign is known to be a strong believer in social justice, which is exactly what King Mickey stands for. He was willing to send himself on a lonely, never-ending journey just to save others, and his sacrifice should not be underestimated.

1 Pisces: creative and intuitive from Namine

One of the first things players discover about Namine is his creativity and penchant for drawing, which mirrors the artistic Pisces. Her intuition and empathy are also what help her understand that Marluxia’s plan is evil, and she easily switches sides to help Sora without hesitation.

Despite being Kairi’s Nobody and supposedly having no feelings, Namine chooses to become an incredibly compassionate and caring person. She never hesitates to help others, even if it meant she would return to Kairi and cease to exist.

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