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Which Metal Gear Solid character would you be, based on the Chinese zodiac?

The popular Solid metal gear franchise is known for having a giant collection of characters. While much of the story revolves around Solid Snake and his various clones, several other key players contribute to the plot and move the canon forward.

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Aside from the fact that most of the characters are violent soldiers capable of killing, defecting, cloning, and whatever else is necessary to win the Cold War and subsequent conflicts, they also tend to exude some of the best qualities that humanity has to offer. Those who wonder how they are doing with their MSG their counterparts need only look to the Chinese zodiac to find out how their personalities line up with Solid, Snake, Big Boss, Raiden, and the rest.


Rat – Gray Fox

Gray Fox uses a sword in Metal Gear Solid

Also known as Frank Jaeger, Gray Fox is one of the most iconic and oldest. MSG characters. When first introduced, he was a kind and loyal ally of Solid Snake whom the protagonist had to seek out and save from evil. In subsequent games, Gray Fox does a full 180 and betrays Solid Snake to become his nemesis in MG 2. Resourceful and quick-witted, he had to do this to survive.

Since Rats are often associated with snitches, sneaky betrayals, and a remorseless willingness to sell out a friend for their own gain, Gray Fox certainly fits the bill. On the plus side, rats are also extremely industrious, resilient, and hard to kill, qualities that Gray Fox exudes in spades.

Buffalo – Colonel Volgin

Volgin reaches out in Metal Gear Solid

Known for their unparalleled brute strength and ability to endure hardship like few others, oxen are physically formidable animals. When thinking of the pound-for-pound strongest character in the popular action RPG series, Colonel Volgin is the first person that comes to mind. the MGS3 the villain is able to lift incredibly heavy objects and throw them at his enemies to inflict maximum damage.

As such, it’s not a stretch to think that Colonel Volgin would have been born in the Year of the Ox. What the Colonel may lack in manipulation skills, he more than makes up for in raw power and unrivaled strength.

Tiger – Ocelot Revolver

Revolver Ocelot is holding a gun in Metal Gear Solid

With a nickname like Revolver Ocelot, the evil henchman is a phylum or two away from sharing the genetic code of a highly aggressive and overbearing tiger. Indeed, the bloodthirsty gunslinger also harbors an air of mystery that mirrors the regal majesty of the Jungle Cat.

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Additionally, few MGS characters are as brave as Revolver Ocelot, risking life and limb time and time again as he tentatively switches allegiance with Solid Snake and his foes from game to game. Rebellious, hot-tempered and highly competitive, Revolver Ocelot ticks all the boxes.

Rabbit – The Boss

The Boss encounters Snake in a field in Metal Gear Solid

According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the Rabbit tend to be kind, caring, responsible, and calm. Due to his love and care for his mentee Naked Snake, his responsibility in co-founding the CQC technique, and his general sense of grace under fire, The Boss has all the characteristics of a rabbit in the game. long-running cinema.

Of course, Rabbits can also be shy and fearful, emotions The Boss has struggled to overcome since his mission failed during the Cold War. Most telling is The Boss’ maternal nature towards EVA, cementing her rabbit-like qualities as a loving nurturer.

Dragon – Vulcan Raven

Vulcan Raven shoots her gun in Metal Gear Solid

Due to her inherent spirituality and shamanic qualities drawn from a raven tattoo on her forehead, Vulcan Raven has all the mystical majesty of a dragon. His otherworldly senses, confident leadership qualities, and ability to fly with the right gear also equate his character with the fantastic fire-breathing beast.

People born in the year of the dragon are said to be the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac, which Vulcan Raven demonstrates by being lucky enough to survive the freezing cold. With ambition, courage, and fearlessness in the face of danger, Vulcan Raven can spit deadly blasts from her Gatling Gun equivalent to a dragon’s breath.

Snake – Solid Snake

Solid Snake wears a headband in Metal Gear Solid

As its reptilian namesake suggests, Solid Snake has both the positive and negative traits of those born in the year of the Snake. An enigmatic master strategist, Snake puts forward the best-laid plans with thoughtful planning like beautiful reptiles do. He can be seductive and charming when needed and he can strike with a venomous sting when needed. Never showing his temper also helps him land quick and unexpected strikes.

Extremely difficult to outsmart and outsmart on the battlefield as well, Solid Snake is so wise and comfortable in battle that many have accused him of enjoying killing both his enemies and his allies. Additionally, Snakes tend to be independent and don’t often travel in packs, which underscores Solid Snake’s status as a loner.

Horse – Naomi Hunter

Naomi wears a lab coat in Metal Gear Solid

Perhaps the most elegant, romantic and non-violent character in MSG, Naomi Hunter possesses all the equine qualities of those born in the year of the Horse. A victim of war as a child, Naomi was hunted all her life and renounced gun violence, drawing parallels to horses as prey and their need to stay away from predators at all costs.

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Additionally, those born in the year of the Horse tend to be outgoing, assertive, active, and lively, qualities that apply to Naomi as she serves as the in-game geneticist who constantly feeds the player information. on FOXDIE.

Goat – Wolf sniper

Sniper Wolf is holding a rifle in Metal Gear Solid

More like a goat in Wolf’s clothes, Sniper Wolf is presented as a highly skilled sniper willing to go to great lengths to kill a mark. Deep down, she often has too much sympathy to pull the trigger and slows her enemies down with poison rather than deadly bullets. She also hates seeing women and children in danger.

As such, Sniper Wolf has the calm, gentle, and sympathetic traits most associated with those born in the year of the Goat. She saves the wolves’ lives and cares for them in Shadow Moses, and only truly kills when absolutely necessary. As such, she’s among the most likable villains in the game. MSG.

Monkey – Major Zero

Major Zero wears a helmet in Metal Gear Solid

Those born in the year of the Monkey tend to be shrewd, curious, and extremely intelligent. While many characters fit the bill MSGnone are more resourceful than Major Zero, the mastermind who orchestrated the entire political landscape and created the sinister AI that plagues all Serpents throughout the series.

Despite his ruthless immorality and ruthless need for power and influence, Major Zero is one of the coolest Solid metal gear villains and a brilliant visionary who engineered and implemented a nationwide brainwashing plot to control the masses for his own benefit.

Rooster – Big Boss

Big Boss raises his glasses in Metal Gear Solid

According to the Chinese zodiac, Roosters are brave, shrewd and very industrious. Cue Big Boss, the ultimate cock of the MSG series.

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With a passionate passion for conflict and an intense need to prove he’s the biggest badass on the block, Big Boss is one of the series’ most diligent and hardworking Super Soldiers, stopping at nothing. until his life is lost or the mission is complete. finished. He’s also more observant than meets the eye, quashing his bloodlust upon realizing that mercy killings are reckless.

Dog – Hal Emmerich

Hal wears a white coat in Metal Gear Solid

Also known as Otacon, Hal Emmerich is one of Solid Snake’s closest friends and one of the most trusted allies in the world. MSG series. So many characters in games cheat, backstab, default, and double-cross that it’s truly refreshing to see such a loyal, dependable, and ever-reliable ally that Snake can rely on at all times.

No quality describes Hal better than those born in the year of the Dog, as they have sharp sensing abilities to know who to trust and who to avoid as potential threats. Even the cool MK II bot created by Hal looks like a pet dog.

Pig – Raiden

Raiden wears an exo-suit in Metal Gear Solid

Born in 1983, Raiden literally comes from the year of the Pig. However, before becoming a brutal Cyborg Ninja, Raiden had to overcome his PTSD as a child soldier to slowly grow more compassionate towards Rosemary. Since compassion is a main characteristic of pigs, the shoe fits.

While pigs can also be messy, Raiden goes out of his way to clean up other people’s messes, which would seem out of place. However, Pigs are also extremely diligent and generous, and this spirit shines through even when cleaning. As for when Raiden becomes a full-fledged Cyborg Ninja, he exudes more tiger-like traits.

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