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Buckle up and get ready for another multi-dimensional journey! rick and morty returns to Adult Swim with even crazier misadventures and alien shenanigans.

Spearheading the series are scientific genius and alcoholic sociopath Rick Sanchez and his less than capable but mentally sane 14-year-old grandson Morty Smith. Together they travel from portal to portal in the name of fun while accidentally unleashing many heinous crimes across the universe.

Season 6 of rick and morty will premiere on Adult Swim on September 4, 2022 at 11 p.m. ET/PT. The sixth season is part of a long-term deal made in 2018 when the show received an order for 70 episodes over an undisclosed number of seasons. The new season of rick and morty promises grander antics and even more surprising twists.


Here’s who’s playing who in rick and morty.

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Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez

Justin Roiland plays Rick Sanchez, the dubious main protagonist of rick and morty and Morty’s mega genius scientist grandfather. Recognized as the smartest human in the universe, Rick’s intelligence is both impressive and frightening. He has a solid understanding of complex scientific mechanisms and builds high-tech machines as if they were toys. From helmets that enhance your brain activities, portals that transport you to alternate dimensions, and cloning devices, Rick’s scientific aptitude and experience far surpasses today’s modern scientists.

Unfortunately, Rick’s intelligence is overshadowed by his nihilistic personal views and damaging alcoholism. Add to that his runaway mental health issues and family issues, and you have yourself the ultra mad scientist that is Rick Sanchez. His reckless behavior is the cause of multiple heinous acts that occur throughout the series, leading Rick to become a huge antagonist during certain situations. All his inner demons aside, contrary to popular belief, Rick does not have a heart of stone. Admittedly, he may have controversial views on conventional life situations. But beneath the cruel madness of his antics, Rick isn’t completely emotionless. He feels a lot of things, but he just doesn’t know how to express them.

When it comes to his grandson Morty, Rick can overly control the poor boy. The scientist treats him more like a personal assistant, accompanying Morty to help him on his crazy adventures. Even though Morty may not live up to Rick’s expectations and cause more harm than good, Rick genuinely appreciates the time the two of them spend together going from one shenanigan to the next. And if Morty doesn’t have time to go with him, Rick rushes in and releases all of the boy’s bonds.

Besides dubbing, Roiland is also the co-creator of rick and morty. He is also the co-creator and main voice actor for Hulu’s solar opposites. His other voice acting work includes adventure timeof the Earl of Lemongrab and Gravity Falls‘ Blandin assembly.

Justin Roiland as Morty Smith

Justin Roiland also plays Mortimer “Morty” Smith Sr., the younger half of the grandfather-grandson comedy duo that is Rick and Morty. As Rick’s unlucky grandson, Morty usually has no choice but to follow Rick on their risky escapades. When he’s not busy entertaining his grandfather’s antics, Morty attends Harry Herpson High School with his sister, Summer Smith. At 14 and just on the verge of puberty, Morty is portrayed as a submissive teenager with deep-seated anxiety. However, that all changes when Rick suddenly appears in his home after being away from the family for 20 years.

At school, Morty struggles to catch up and is sometimes described as a “challenged” individual. While his intelligence is a huge running gag, especially compared to his grandfather’s genius intellect, Morty develops a quick understanding of complex scientific concepts – provided Rick explains them in detail. Despite what he sees as his “weaknesses,” Morty is willing to lend a listening ear, making him a perfect sidekick to keep Rick in the field (or try to). In the face of danger, Morty has proven himself to have courage and great bravery, going so far as to lead escape efforts in an intergalactic galaxy.

As Rick’s unwitting sidekick, Morty considers Rick more of a best friend than a grandfather. It’s no surprise, considering the last time Rick communicated with his family was 20 years ago. Morty usually calls Rick by his first name and rarely addresses him as “grandpa” unless it’s out of gratitude or if Morty wants something. Although he’s usually pushed around by Rick, Morty has his limits and won’t hesitate to go against Rick if he feels he’s had enough. Morty’s dynamic story and character development make him one of the most entertaining and interesting characters to watch in rick and morty.

Sarah Chalk plays Beth Smith, daughter of Rick Sanchez and mother of Morty Smith who works as a veterinarian at St. Equis Hospital. During the day, Beth is a talented equestrian vet and is the primary breadwinner for her family. Although she’s good at what she does, her insecurities keep her from feeling like a ‘real’ vet, and therefore not a ‘real’ doctor.” Jerry Smith’s wife Beth is struggling to approach their marriage due to her superiority complex, which stems from her husband’s lack of contribution to the relationship and his lower-level job position, as well as abandonment issues caused by her father’s 20s year of absence.

Much like Rick, Beth is equally smart and has her own big ambitions. Unfortunately, she is weighed down by her insecurities. She also has unorthodox views on emotional vulnerability and dependency and hates them to some degree. However, unlike her father, she tends to show a greater sense of compassion and love on certain occasions. Her number one priority is her family, although this devotion sometimes puts her to the test and makes her reconsider her marital choices.

Part of the reason Beth chooses to stay with Jerry is because of her abandonment issues. Jerry happens to be the only man who’s stuck with her through thick and thin. Even though they both would sacrifice anything for the well-being of the family, the two constantly clash over the methods used to achieve these common goals. Beth expresses that she is not a fan of Jerry’s ideas, and at times she feels his vision is not appreciated enough by her husband. Another recurring conflict involves Rick’s living conditions at home, which often become the source of their marital tensions, with Beth justifying her father’s goofy actions.

Chalke is famous for playing Elliot Reid on the hit NBC/ABC series Scrubsfollowed by her role as Stella Zinman in how I Met Your Mother. Its voice acting accolades extend to Netflix’s Paradise PD.

Spencer Grammar plays Summer Smith, Beth’s daughter and Morty’s older sister. Originally uninvolved in the duo’s misadventures, Smith quickly becomes more involved in their antics as the series progresses. Summer is the poster child for your typical American teenage girl: she craves popularity in high school, is addicted to her cellphone and social media, and wishes her family were normal for once.

Summer cares deeply for her family and is sometimes jealous of the attention Rick gives to her younger brother Morty. Rick initially wants to take Summer away from him, but in later episodes we see Summer and Rick go on their own random trips. Oddly enough, though she doesn’t spend as much time as Morty with his grandfather, she understands Rick’s struggles better, perhaps due to the maturity that comes with his advanced age.

Summer may not have scientific genius in her blood, but she has a high degree of intelligence like her grandfather and mother. Compared to her brother, she is much smarter and quick-witted, reacting quickly to life or death situations when fighting alongside Rick. Another common trait she shares with her grandfather is his narcissism and sociopathic tendencies, which she is very much in tune with. She doesn’t back down from a fight and has proven to be someone who can stand on her own two feet – independent, just like her mother.

Prior to rick and mortyGrammer played Casey Cartwright in the comedy-drama Greek. She had her first acting role as a child in the long-running show Cheers.

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Chris Parnell plays Jerry Smith, Morty and Summer’s father as well as Summer’s husband. Jerry and Beth first met in high school and at their prom night they had unprotected sex. The result? Their first child and only daughter, Summer. Shortly after, the couple got married and three years later had their second child, Morty. Due to their accidental teenage pregnancy and early marriage, both feel like they have missed many opportunities in life. Because of this, Jerry has a strained relationship with his wife. And don’t even get us started with Rick, who automatically becomes Jerry’s stepdad. But despite his resentment of Rick’s antics, he lets him join the family since he is Beth’s father.

It’s hard not to pin Jerry as the “loser” of the show. He doesn’t have a long-term career plan, which means his wife has to be the breadwinner. And since Rick’s arrival, Jerry feels he has to compete with him just to get his wife’s attention. But even with his rocky marriage and Rick undermining his role as family patriarch, Jerry loves Beth and her family dearly. Even though he’s not as smart as Rick, Jerry leads a slightly happier life than him, which is why Beth is willing to stick with him.

When adversity strikes, Jerry can come across as meek and cowardly. He is considered the weakest link because he has a bad habit of stopping and being passive. But when desperate times call for desperate measures, Jerry isn’t afraid to tap into every ounce of heroism within him and face his fears, especially if his family is at stake.

A former actor Saturday Night LiveParnell continued his acting career on 30 Rock as Dr. Leo Spaceman and Doug on FOX family guy.