Why the hell is Chris Pratt voicing all the animated characters?


On the one hand, Chris Pratt is a human being capable of speaking – so on that front, he shouldn’t encounter any obstacles as he prepares to voice Garfield in a new movie adaptation of the long-running comic book. On the other, does he really have the range of voices a feline who loves lasagna, hates Mondays and takes a nap?

The news fell, and rightly so, on a Monday. The Emperor’s New Groove director Mark Dindal and screenwriter David Reynolds (also behind Mulan and The world of Nemo) will come together to create a new film adaptation of Garfield with the guardians of the galaxy star in one of Hollywood’s strangest casting decisions in recent memory. What’s next, “Chris Pratt voices Mario”? Oh wait …

Italian Americans and Nintendo fans trampled on the news of Pratt’s Mario as a wandering Goomba in September, and Garfield’s news already appears to have sparked similar skepticism. (Read: nasty tweets.) And for anyone who likes to stay on top of their Hollywood news and ratings on Chris, it’s not hard to guess why.

In 2014, Pratt had successfully renamed: The Beloved Beanbag of Parks and recreation started her year with a dramatic turn as another lovable model in Lego movie before consolidating his status as a real movie star with guardians of the galaxy. The latter catalyzed a career development, almost certainly aided by Hollywood’s adoration for a “success” weight loss story. The following year, Pratt made his debut Jurassic World– a decent and uneven franchise extension that nonetheless devoured the box office.

But just like Jennifer Lawrence, who starred alongside Pratt in the 2016 clunker Passengers, Pratt’s journey from national darling to overexposed object of frustration came quickly. Last year, a slew of Marvel stars found it necessary to defend the actor online, after losing another round of Hollywood’s aforementioned Chris Power rankings. (Pratt has reliably lost these games for years.)

“Pratt’s journey of national love to overexposed object of frustration came quickly …“

There is also the fact that Pratt is apparently a member of Hillsong, an evangelical church which, like Juno The star Elliot Page pointed out in 2019 also happens to be wildly anti-LGBTQ. The actor also stepped out wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” shirt. (The snake iconography originated in the War of Independence, but is now primarily favored by right-wing and gun rights groups.) Pratt’s social media, which includes right-wing troll Ben Shapiro , PragerU and Turning Point USA, also raised eyebrows.

But back to the Garfield affair: even putting aside his questionable politics, would anyone actually be willing to argue that Pratt is a worthy character or personality for the role? Truly? Name a person with greater energy Odie than this man! (It was rhetorical – if you think of it, please don’t email me about it.) Can Chris Pratt really go “tongue-in-cheek” like that? Then again, maybe it’s all part of the cosmic balance: Bill Murray signed for the 2014 Garfield movie a bit by accident – he confused screenwriter Joel Cohen’s name with that of Coen Brothers’ Joel Coen – so maybe that’s what happens when someone tries to fill those chunky orange shoes. (Uh, paws.)

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