Blues Radio in Wisconsin . . .

WBSD-FM 89.1
Blues After Hours
Mike Urick or C.J. Moser
Sun 5-8 pm

Eau Claire
WUEC-FM 89.7
The Monday Blues
Jeff Charpentier
Mon 9 pm-midnight

Green Bay
WPNE-FM 89.3
The Blue Side
Mary Flynn
Tue 10 pm-midnight

WOJB-FM 88.9
Blue Monday
Mike Ducan
Mon 7 pm-midnight

WIIL-FM 95.1
Blues Barbeque
Scott Erickson
Sun 10 pm-midnight

WLSU-FM 88.9
Blues After Hours
Andy Olson
Wed 9 pm-1 am

WLSU-FM 88.9
Blues Before Sunrise
Steve Cushing
Sun midnight-5 am

Lake Geneva
WLKG-FM 96.1
Sunday Evening Blues Hour
Rev. Charlie F. Edmonds
Sun 10-11 pm

WORT-FM 89.9
Blues Cruise
Dave Watts
Fri 6-8 pm

WORT-FM 89.9
Two for the Blues
Dave Leucinger and Art Schuna
Sat 8-10 pm

WMCS-AM 1290
Saturday Morning Blues Brunch
Phil Anderson
Sat 9 am-2 pm

WMSE-FM 91.7
Blues Drive
Various hosts
Weekdays 3-6 pm

WMSE-FM 91.7
Various hosts
Sat 9 am-noon

WMUR-Cable FM 32
G&J;'s Bluesy Barbecue
Wed 7-9 pm

WMUR-Cable FM 32
The Blue Note Hours
Host's name?
Wed 11 pm-1 am

WMUR-Cable FM 32
Old Music For Old Minds
Host's name?
Thu 11 pm-1 am

WRST-FM 90.3
The Blues Show
Various hosts
Sat-Sun 3-6 pm

WXPR-FM 91.7
Blues Friday
Various hosts
Fri 6 pm-midnight

Stevens Point
WWSP-FM 89.9
The Blues Cafe
Papa Joe
Sat 3-7 pm

Wisconsin Rapids
WGLX-FM 103.3
Blues Deluxe
Dave Johnson
Sun 7-8 pm

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