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X-Men Character Cameos We Hope To See

Insomniac Games has a pretty busy few years ahead of it. come on the heels of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apartthe developer is now hard at work on both a sequel to the beloved Marvel’s Spider-Man and a brand new game titled Marvel’s Wolverines. As of now, details are extremely sparse, with only a brief 50-second trailer only confirming the clawed protagonist.

Marvel’s Spiderman showed gamers how loose Insomniac was on the license, so it seems likely that Marvel’s Wolverines will receive the same. With that in mind, it seems quite likely that Insomniac will want to include plenty of references to the larger X-Men universe, hopefully including cameos and larger roles for some fan-favorite X-Men characters.

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Professor X

A staple of nearly every X-Men property, Professor X is a must-have character for Marvel’s Wolverines. Although the setting of Marvel’s Wolverines has yet to be confirmed, so it’s unclear whether Wolverine will have joined the team or not, Professor X should appear as a voice of reason for Wolverine.

Inspired by the X2: Wolverine’s Revenge game, Professor X could just make an audio appearance, speak directly to Logan telepathically. Yes Marvel’s Wolverines wanted to give players a Charles Xavier they had never seen on screen before, Insomniac could make its version of Professor X more morally gray, closer to his appearance in most contemporary X-Men comics.


In the same way, Marvel’s Wolverines could give audiences a new take on Magneto. Those who watched 2000s movies and 90s anime x-men only really show that Magneto is a black-and-white villain who wants to wipe out humans and replace them with his mutant brethren.

In most magnetocentric comics he is not depicted as a villain. Instead, Magneto is often shown to be a deeply caring person who just wants the best for his people, but his traumatic history has blinded him to how he should achieve that. Marvel’s Wolverines might lean more into this version of Magneto and refrain from casting him as the villain.

Saber tooth

A mutant intrinsically linked to Wolverine, Sabretooth may not be Logan’s brother in most comic arcs, but he is a constant in his life. In most comics, Sabretooth and Wolverine have known each other since childhood, even performing in a circus together in some books. Although the two were friends in their youth, they have since become adversaries, and Marvel’s Wolverines should really focus on this adversarial relationship.

With regenerative powers and strength similar to Logan’s, Sabretooth is the perfect villain. Additionally, with the tragic nature of their relationship, there are definite emotive narrative beats that could be drawn from his potential appearance in Marvel’s Wolverines.


Strictly from a gameplay perspective, Mystique is still a great cameo to have in an X-Men game. Able to transform into just about any X-Men character, Mystique could potentially be a great boss fight. Although she cannot take on another mutant’s powers, she can enhance her physical strength with their attributes. Mystique’s inclusion could also usher in a number of brief appearances from certain relative unknowns, as she could change frequently during a potential boss fight.

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Although the 2000s x-men the movies haven’t quite nailed their dynamic, Cyclops and Wolverine have a very captivating relationship. Cyclops’ stoic nature is constantly seen as at odds with Wolverine’s more reckless attitude, and bringing the two together in a few missions could lead to some hilarious dialogue and story moments.

Cyclops often taking on the role of leader of the X-Men would also pave the way for even more cameos and references, with his teammates picking him up in the X-Jet or something similar. Cyclops hasn’t received the best on-screen representation over the past few decades, so having a comic book-accurate representation in Marvel’s Wolverines would certainly appeal to fans of the character.


As fans may have seen recently in the dead Pool movies, Colossus actually quite often acts as the heart of the X-Men team. While the rest of the team often have emotional responses to major events and conflicts, Colossus is often seen observing the situation, gathering their thoughts, and offering a rational response. More often than not, this response is the right thing to do.

Colossus could easily fit into Marvel’s Wolverines as a moral compass. From the brief trailer released so far, it looks like this Wolverine isn’t quite as heroic as some portrayals of the character, seemingly getting into a fight at a bar. If this version of Wolverine is even more morally gray than some audiences are used to, then it might be an interesting idea to make Colossus his moral guide, similar to his relationship with Deadpool in recent movies.


For being one of the most popular members of X-Men, X-Force, and X-Club, Psylocke still hasn’t had a great screen representation. With X-Men: Apocalypse Cutting her down to a few lines of dialogue and giving her no real characterization, Psylocke is still fairly unknown to most casual X-Men fans.

Marvel’s Wolverines could go a long way in reintroducing this character to modern X-Men fans, giving a clear description of his personality and abilities. In some comics, Psylocke and Wolverine have been close friends for a while, so she would be a natural fit for Marvel’s Wolverines.


A pure product of the 1980s, Dazzler would make a very amusing appearance in Marvel’s Wolverines. Despite his fairly mediocre powers, his ability to convert sound vibrations into light, Dazzler was one of the most prominent members of the X-Men for over a decade, appearing in countless main and spin-off comics as well as a multitude of games, such as the x-men arcade game. Put Dazzler in Marvel’s Wolverines would be a nice nod to some of the X-Men’s weirder roots.

Marvel’s Wolverines is currently in development for PS5.

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