Xentrix launches Melbourne Studio and acquires Viskatoons


animation house based in India, Xentrix Studios, expanded its presence in Australia with the recent launch of Xentrix Studios Australia in Melbourne and the acquisition of Victoria-based animation house Viskatoons. The new entity will be led by Australian animation veteran Peter Viska. Melbourne-based marketer and content creator Ken Cantrill has been appointed chief creative officer. The new Melbourne studio expansion is part of the company’s plans to create and produce content for global markets.

“I think this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the Xentrix brand! commented Xentrix Studios Chairman and CEO Nandish Domlur. “When Mr. Cantrill introduced me to his vision for Xentrix Studios Australia earlier this year, I immediately saw the value. The Xentrix brand is very progressive and is based on a long-term vision. Personally, with the full support of the Xentrix brand and our strong foothold in the global animation industry, I look forward to seeing this new entity flourish. Ken and I have been discussing this opportunity for some time now and 2021 has seen us enter a win / win collaboration. What Peter and Ken bring to the table is unique content, something the Xentrix brand has been looking for. We are very excited about our new Australian partnership.

“Exciting times are ahead for the entire Xentrix group,” Cantrill said. “The media industry in its current climate is very competitive and overcrowded at the top. This partnership offers a unique opportunity to look outside the square. Additionally, and just as important, it puts Melbourne on the global animation scene and showcases what we have to offer. I am grateful to Mr. Domlur for connecting to my long term plan.

Recently acquired, Viskatoons has worked closely with organizations such as Film Victoria, Film Finance Corporation and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, producing animated series for Network 10 and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Over the past 30 years, Viskatoons has developed and produced an extensive library of content and intellectual property such as Jar Dwellers SOS, which is now in season 2. Xentrix Studios Australia will continue to develop the intellectual property selected for international sale.

“Having the backing and backing of Xentrix will boost our domestic industry and continue our practice of promoting local artists, animators, writers, directors and concept creators on the world stage,” noted Viska. “In these difficult times of Covid, I congratulate Ken Cantrill and Nandish Domlur who have worked tirelessly to bring this merger to a successful conclusion. “

“It is evident that Viskatoons has been a prolific contributor to the Australian animation industry over a long period of time,” added Domlur. “This is a testament to Peter’s reputation and professionalism, and it is with great pleasure that we here at Xentrix partner with Peter Viska and his team on this new chapter. Xentrix Studios and Xentrix Studios Australia will continue to pay tribute to the Viskatoons legacy. This partnership is a great opportunity for both parties involved.

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