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Yellowstone’s Best Character Is Also Its Worst Human Being

If you already have the name in mind, you’re probably right.

Yellowstone has been around for five seasons, but one thing about the show remains unchanged: Beth and the mixed feelings (to put it mildly) the fandom has about her.

She is, in fact, a rare example of a female anti-hero who, as many have said, “acts like a man in a man’s world.” Beth doesn’t seem like a character who could receive a redemption arc; but she doesn’t seem like someone who needs it, being perfect as she is.

Yellowstone fans are already ready to cast a character from the series

However, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s probably the worst human of all the characters in Yellowstone. Even marrying the love of her life and enjoying the power doesn’t seem to make her any less gruesome. Many fans claim she’s a “cartoon villain,” but they’re immediately met with a host of Beth advocates who love to hate her.

Beth’s defenders praise her as “tough, tough, damaged,” but Season 5 saw even the most dedicated fans abandon her.

“I was so disappointed. Not just in Beth, although I found her almost pathetic and […] cringe! And for them to recycle what she doesn’t feel like tearing up some guy in a bar again. How uncreative it is”, Redditor _Mystery_who actually loved Beth, noted after watching the first two episodes of Season 5.

It’s possible that fan concerns about Beth’s descent from powerful femme fatale to cringe-worthy mess are coming too soon. Season 5 has only just begun, with 14 episodes to come.