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Young Justice Bosses Explain The Use Of Character-Driven Arcs In Season 4

Young Justice: Phantoms has been split into multiple character arcs, and now co-showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti explain that decision.

young justice co-showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti shared the rationale for Season 4’s emphasis on character-driven story arcs.

Weisman and Vietti discussed their approach to the DC Animated Series’ fourth season, Young Justice: Ghosts, in a Q&A; posted on the official DC Comics blog. “We thought it was time – after two seasons where the plot drove most of our choices – to go back to the main characters of our series and see where each was at in their lives, a decade after we met for the first time,” Weisman said. “As for the order of the arcs, the decision was a combination of the overall plot of the season and a desire to mix things up so that no two arcs in a row look too similar.”

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Vietti added that Young Justice: GhostsThe emphasis on character-driven storytelling rather than plot-driven was also driven by a desire to give each season its own identity. “We’ve also tried to make each season unique by changing the overall story structures each time. Trying to break the mold a bit for each season keeps us on our toes creatively and hopefully challenges in a to some extent the expectations of the public.”

Weisman and Vietti then discussed something else that helped make young justiceThe first seasons of are different from those released more recently: DC prohibits access to certain characters. According to the duo, DC told them not to include Darkseid, Wonder Girls Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark and the Ted Kord incarnation of Blue Beetle in their scripts for Season 1. “We have no idea why these particular characters were banned,” says Weisman. “And obviously those restrictions were eventually lifted, as all four have since appeared on the show. Since then, no other characters have been declared banned.”

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young justice premiered in November 2010 on Cartoon Network. The first season introduced the show’s original cast of junior superheroes: Dick Grayson/Robin (later Nightwing), Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad (later Aquaman), Wally West/Kid Flash, Conner Kent/Superboy, Megan Morse/Miss Martian and Artemis. Jar/Tigress. Later, Zatanna Zatara and Raquel Ervin/Rocket would join, and GhostsThe character arcs spotlight each of these original members, with the exception of Wally West.

Despite its emphasis on character-driven arcs, Ghosts follows the same storytelling methods of the show’s previous seasons. The final season kicked off with another time jump after season 3, which was done in all four seasons. Also, like its immediate predecessor, young justice Season 4 is divided into two parts, Part 2 will air on March 31, 2022 after a mid-season break.

Young Justice: Ghosts is now streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving on Thursdays.

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