Zoic Studios visual effects help satisfy our “sweet tooth”


Emmy Award-Winning Entertainment Company Zoic Studios shared with AWN a series of before and after images showcasing some of their excellent visual effects work on Netflix’s hit post-apocalyptic adventure series, Sweet tooth. The eight-episode show, based on Jeff Lemire’s groundbreaking DC comic book series, follows the perilous journey of a hybrid deer boy through a post-apocalyptic world. He bonds with a wandering loner who is no stranger to violence, and together they embark on an adventure through the lush and dangerous world left behind, in search of other hybrids and a place of safety. or live.

Led by VFX supervisor Rob Price, the company has delivered nearly 1,000 VFX shots, ranging from CG tigers and elephants to expansive sets of sets depicting the dilapidated city as the backdrop to the story.

Price and the Zoic team worked closely with creators Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz to carefully design the Sweet tooth world that was centered on nature’s reclamation of the earth in the midst of a powerful global calculation. With Mickle and Schwartz looking to capture as much as possible, Zoic elevated the visuals behind closed doors to achieve a final look grounded in realism with a touch of dystopian whimsy.

One of their most important efforts has been to achieve a hyperrealistic visual aesthetic for the main character, Bobby; the man-groundhog hybrid was filmed practically as an intricate animatronic puppet, Zoic adding carefully crafted visual effects to increase character realism as well as full CG digital doubles for some of the character’s most action-packed footage.

Source: Zoic Studios

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