Blues Radio in Connecticut . . .

WPKN-FM 89.5
Antique Blues
Bill Nolan
Sun 6-10 pm

WPKN-FM 89.5
Bob Shapiro
Bob Shapiro
Thu 6:30-10 pm

WCCC-FM 106.9
WCCC-AM 1290
Sunday Night Blues
Beef Stew
Sun 6 pm-midnight

WWUH-FM 91.3
Rock This House
River City Slim
Mon 3-6 am

WWUH-FM 91.3
Blue Monday
Bart Bozzi
Mon 9 pm-midnight

WWUH-FM 91.3
In The Weeds
Dwight Thurston
Fri 1-4 pm

New Britain
WFCS-FM 107.7
Progressive Sound Blues
Pete Sceips
Mon 10 am-noon

WFCS-FM 107.7
Bad Butch's Bitchin' Blues
Tue 10 am-noon, Sat 7-11 am

WFCS-FM 107.7
Travelin' With The Blues
The Road Hog, Dom
Wed 10 am-noon

WFCS-FM 107.7
Fillin' Blues
Host's name?
Thu 10 am-noon

WFCS-FM 107.7
Nothin' But The Blues Baby
Fri 10 am-noon

New London
WCNI-FM 91.1
Nothin' But The Blues
Mark Steinberg
Tue noon-3 pm

WCNI-FM 91.1
The Wiley Blues Cruise
Marie Wiley
Thu 3-6 pm

WCNI-FM 91.1
Out Of The Blues
Sat 9 am-noon

WCNI-FM 91.1
Not Exactly Nashville
Mike Trynosky
Sat noon-3 pm

WCNI-FM 91.1
The Evening Blues
Sat 3-6 pm

WCNI-FM 91.1
The Gospel Connection
Larry and Darrell
Sun 6-9 am

WCNI-FM 91.1
Sunday Morning Blues
Rocky and Nora
Sun 9 am-noon

WHUS-FM 91.7
The Bluesline
Ramblin' Bert Rand
Tue 6-9 pm

WHUS-FM 91.7
The Blues Bus
Dave Carpenter
Sat 9 pm-midnight

West Haven
WNHU-FM 88.7
Blues Haven
Rusty J.
Mon 8-11 pm

WNHU-FM 88.7
Rockin' Richard Show
Rockin' Richard
Tue 8-11 pm

WNHU-FM 88.7
Blues After Hours
Dr. Bill
Sun 11 pm-2 am

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