Gutbucket; gut-bucket n., adj. (1890s - 1950s) . . .

The Old Absinthe House Bar, Bourbon Street, New Orleans . . . bucket used to carry beer; a dive for drinking; from about 1900 to 1950 or so, "gutbucket" meant a low-down, nitty-gritty blues style of jazz originally played in gin mills, barrelhouses, whorehouses, and honky-tonks. The word referred to the smaller bucket placed beneath the larger liquor barrels to catch the gin leakage in such places. (From Juba To Jive: A Dictionary Of African-American Slang, edited by Clarence Major, copyright © 1970, 1994.)

This photo shows the interior of the Old Absinthe House Bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where the walls are covered with, among other things, autographed legal tender!

A most special Handy Awards weekend!
Share a few dozen memories.

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The 1998 Chicago Blues Festival!
Okay. Here are 20-something great festival
photos by Chicago's own Niles Frantz.

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The 1997 Chicago Blues Festival!
And here are 20-something more great
festival photos by Niles Frantz.

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The 1996 Chicago Blues Festival!
And here are 25 more remarkable festival
photos by Niles Frantz.

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Enjoy Torsten's Gallery!
See 21 1970's concert photos by
Swedish photographer Torsten Stahlberg.

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The 1997 Blues & BBQ Festival!
From St. Pete, Florida, see five photos with
B.B. King, Robert Cray, and Tower of Power.

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Backstage with the King of the Blues!
Also at the 1997 Blues & BBQ Festival, B.B.
and the band pause for photos enroute to the stage.

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The 1997 W.C. Handy Awards!
See nine more of Niles Frantz' photos from
this year's awards and jams in Memphis.

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The 1996 St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival!
See five photos by P.W. and Roz Fenton,
including a King size surprise or two.

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It's been nearly 70 years coming.
But Lemon Jefferson has a new headstone!

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Jack Owens was 92 years old.
See a tribute in words and pictures by
Atlanta photographer Jimmy Stratton.

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See how you can help
support the Delta Blues Museum.

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She's registerin' a cold one hundred,
and I'm booked and I got to go . . .

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The Little House in Chicago!
Consider the very strange fate of
Muddy's Cabin in two opinions or less.

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Celebrate Black History Month . . . every month!
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