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For over fifteen years, the Delta Blues Museum has been bringing exhibits, educational programming, musical events, and workshops free of charge to an international audience. Established in 1979 to preserve the history of the Delta blues, the scope and function of the museum has steadily expanded, and today it is at the cutting edge of understanding and communication between the blues culture of the Delta and the outside world.

Not only does the museum bring respect, recognition, and monetary reward to the musicians of the Mississippi Delta (thereby enabling them to carry the Delta blues traditions on into the twenty-first century), but it also gives visitors from all over the world an intimate cultural experience through music, food, dance, art, and literature. With music as its focus, the museum bridges racial hurdles and gaps in understanding. It is to the blues what an arts museum is to painting: it signifies and brings meaning to one of the world's greatest art forms.

How does the museum operate with free admission and no charge for public services? Through the help of our generous supporters: musicians, artists, filmmakers, scholars, and others who want to see us continue our important work.

We are now offering a special opportunity through our membership program Friends of the Delta Blues Museum.

As a Friend, you will receive:

Please print and send our application form to join Friends of the Delta Blues Museum. Your tax-deductible donation will travel a long distance in the Mississippi Delta. For example, a $100 donation could hire a musician during a week to be an artist-in-residence, thereby passing traditions on directly to our young visitors.

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