Take a journey of rediscovery . . .

Below I've got about 44 small jpegs of photos I took in Blytheville and Gosnell in September 2002. I hadn't been there for more than 26 years, so I marveled at just about everything I saw. While the area has changed somewhat, I was surprised to see how much of it was just about as I remembered it. Take a look and see for yourself..

Northwest from the I-55 overpass

West into Blytheville

Red Ball barber shop and That Bookstore In Blytheville

Note on Jim's door

Old Sonic

Old Greyhound station

Scene of a crime

Second scene of a crime

Pizza Hut

Dixie Pig

Road to Gosnell

Road to Gosnell 2

East from Air Base Highway

Main gate

Gosnell Sonic

Gosnell City Hall

Gosnell Public Schools

Old high school

Gym entrance

J.W. Rea Field entrance

Field from home stands

Field from visitor side

Junior High flag pole plaque


Locker room with Mark Blount

GHS gym

Trophy case

Game picture

Westminster Village

B-52 memorial

Memorial plaque

My old house

Broken home

Yard of the month

Base gym

Base theater

Base commissary

Base bowling alley

Base gas sation

Base youth center

The bridge

The gate

Gate sign

New high school

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