Blues Radio in Iowa . . .

KRNI-AM 1010 (Mason City)
KUNI-FM 90.9 (Cedar Falls)
KUNI-FM 94.5 (Quad Cities)
KUNI-FM 96.3 (Des Moines)
KUNI-FM 98.7 (Dubuque)
KUNY-FM 91.5 (Mason City)

Various shows
Various hosts
Mon-Fri 6-10 pm

Blues and Roots
David Dye
Sat 3-5 am

Blues from the Red Rooster
Sat 10-11 pm

Portraits in Blue
Bob Porter
Sat 11 pm-midnight

Blues Before Sunrise
Steve Cushing
Sat midnight-5 am

Beale Street Caravan
The Memphis Horns
Sun 10-11 pm

Cedar Rapids
KCCK-FM 88.3
Da' Blues
Bob Deforest
Sat 6-10 pm

KALA-FM 88.5 and 105.5
Beale Street Caravan
Various hosts
Mon, Thu 7-8 pm

KALA-FM 88.5 and 105.5
Blues Deluxe
Various hosts
Mon, Thu 8-9 pm

KALA-FM 88.5 and 105.5
Mississippi Valley Blues Society Blues Hour
Various hosts
Wed 9-10 pm

KALA-FM 88.5 and 105.5
The Voyage
Jason Stuart
Sun 2-3 pm

KALA-FM 88.5 and 105.5
Blues Tonight
Various hosts
Sun 8-10 pm

WXLP-FM 96.9
97xtra Hour of Blues
Jason Wilkins
Sun 10-11 am

Des Moines
KGGO-FM 94.9
The Roadhouse
Sun 8-10 am

Sioux City
KWIT-FM 90.3
Saturday Night Blues
Stumpy Steve Smith
Sat 10 pm-midnight

KWIT-FM 90.3
Little Chicago
Daddy Blues and L.C.
Sat midnight-1 am

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