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10 “Best” Movies With A 0% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a popular global review site that many people use to determine which movies are worth watching. They rate movies based on the percentage of critics who gave the movie a positive review. Currently there are 43 movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. In contrast, 372 movies have a 100%, so really a 0 is the most impressive feat.

RELATED: 10 Worst MCU Projects, According To Rotten TomatoesThe coveted 0% has almost a mythical quality, if something like The Emoji Movie can score 6%, how could anything be worse? Well, according to Rotten Tomatoes, it’s those movies. But honestly, they’re not that bad. Alright, they are bad. But they’re the special kind of bad where they’re so bad they’re actually pretty good in their own weird way.

ten Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol will appeal to fans of this 80s franchise

Police Academy is an 80s film franchise that follows a group of misfit rookies as they attempt to prove themselves as competent police officers. The Police Academy films go for the lowest of low-hanging fruits mixed with slapstick humor and Michael Winslow makes funny sounds with his mouth.

These are films that are not meant to be taken seriously in any sense of the word. It’s the kind of movies where you turn off your brain and enjoy the ride, and the fourth installment, Citizens on Patrol, is no different. It’s a harmless silly comedy with goofy cartoon performances that fans of the first three Police Academy films are sure to enjoy.

9 Look who’s talking now is ironically nice

John Travolta has appeared in most films with a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes at a staggering seven. While some, like the absurd crime drama Gotti, earned their 0%, others like Look who’s talking now really, aren’t that bad. The Look who’s talking The trilogy stars Travolta and Kirstie Alley as parents of children whose interior monologues are vocalized for the audience.

RELATED: 10 Worst Ending Movies In The TrilogiesIn the third and final episode, the kids have grown up and are talking, so to continue the joke, they do voiceovers with dogs voiced by Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton. The movie is so wonderfully weird in its absurd concept and poor execution, it’s ironically very enjoyable.

8 Ed Stars Matt LeBlanc and a Chimpanzee and It’s Amazing

Ed sees Friends star Matt LeBlanc at the height of his popularity as a baseball pitcher who befriends a baseball-playing chimp who helps him on and off the field. Yes, it’s a real movie that came out in real theaters, and as always, the critics got it wrong.

If this movie were to be released today, it would be hailed as a comedic masterpiece that fully encapsulates the absurdity of Gen-Z humor. It’s one of the most ridiculous films ever made, but also one of the most fun to poke fun at while you watch it. It’s the perfect example of a movie so bad it’s good.

seven Pinocchio must be seen to be believed

After winning the Best Actor Oscar for Life is Beautiful, Roberto Benigni has decided to continue with a very faithful adaptation of the Italian fantasy novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio” with himself as the main character. After all, who doesn’t want to see a fifty-year-old man play a little wooden child? Apparently everyone.

RELATED: Disney Live-Action Remakes, RankedThe benignis Pinocchio looks like a psychedelic trip mixed with a nightmare. The English dub is so comedic, the visual effects can only be described as unsettling, and Benigni is way over the top, but that’s what makes this movie so great. For better or worse, it’s truly unlike any other Pinocchio movie.

6 The movie Garbage Pail Kids looks like a fever dream

Perhaps best said by critic Felix Vasquez who wrote, “It’s a terrible, awful film, but oddly worth at least a viewing for masochists and the morbidly curious.” Ironically, Garbage Pail Children’s Movie will etch itself into your memory and never go away no matter how hard you try.

Similar to how Garbage Pail Kids is a “parody” of Cabbage Patch Kids, his movie is a “parody” of all 80s movies. It takes all the tropes and cliches of the decade and weaves them into a plot that blatantly rips Gremlins and tops it off with some of the greatest bad actors of all time. It’s a grotesque and staggering experience that’s unintentionally impressive and hilarious.

5 A thousand words really isn’t This Wrong

Ok, let’s not go crazy here, a thousand words is certainly a bad movie, but not bad enough to garner a 0%. There are definitely worse comedy movies out there. There may not be many, but there certainly are. The film centers on the character of Eddie Murphy who finds himself connected to a tree, and every time he speaks, a leaf falls, and when the last leaf falls, he dies.

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The film’s biggest flaw is having Murphy as the silent lead. Murphy is known for his quick-witted dialogue and his ability to make audiences laugh through his jokes, not so much his physical humor. While the movie is bad, it’s not 0% bad, more like 28%.

4 Graveyard Shift is a great late-night nerdy horror movie

This Stephen King adaptation centers on a drifter hired to work the “graveyard shift” in an old mill haunted by a monster. quarter of cemetery is filled with tons of raw special effects and gooey early 90s gore horror that made it a late-night cable classic.

The fact that this movie has a 0% is actually quite shocking given that it really isn’t half bad. It’s the perfect kind of movie for a group of friends and a pack of beer. Sure, the plot is simple and the dialogue is cheesy, but some elements actually work and cause real scares. It may not be the brilliantbut it’s still an enjoyable corny horror movie.

3 Deadfall Stars Nicolas Cage Gives an Unforgettable Performance

Begin, Deadfall is a terrible movie, it barely qualifies as such. But, within this disaster of a movie lurks one of the greatest over-the-top performances from the legend himself, Nicolas Cage. His acting is so absurdly over the top in this movie, it’s a wonder his fellow actors managed to keep a straight face.

RELATED: The 10 Best Nicolas Cage Movies, RankedWhether the filmmakers like it or not, Deadfall will make the audience laugh harder than it would in most comedies. The movie is sort of about a con man, but he doesn’t have a plot, so it’s hard to tell. The only thing that makes this movie watchable is Cage’s outlandish performance.

2 Highlander II: The Quickening Has a Title That Tells Audiences Everything They Need to Know

Where to start ? For starters, not a single aspect of the story makes sense and doesn’t even try to. It feels like no one wants to be in the movie, and technically that’s inexcusably bad, but ironically it’s one of cinema’s greatest achievements. .

Perhaps best said by legendary film critic Roger Ebert who wrote, “Highlander II: The Quickening is the most hilarious, incomprehensible movie I’ve seen…an almost brilliant movie in its villainy.” He is absolutely right, if this film does not cause uncontrollable laughter it is due to a lack of humor. It’s one of the cheesiest, most explosive, most absurd films of all time in the best possible way.

1 Jaws: Revenge is the godfather of bad movies

Jaws: Revenge is the king of bad movies. A professional comedian couldn’t come up with a joke as laughable as the plot of this film. In this one, a shark follows the Brody family from New York to the Bahamas to exact revenge on their fallen shark friends…yes, really. Oh yeah, it’s also a Christmas movie for some reason.

This film is infinitely fun to make fun of. How could anyone be expected not to laugh when Michael Caine’s character comes out of the water completely dry? Or when the shark roars like a lion when sharks don’t have vocal cords or lungs? It’s a masterpiece of bad cinema and the biggest movie to hate.

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