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10 Awesome Movies Like Bad Boys You’ll Probably Like

Loosely based on the television series of the same name, which was created by Stephen J. Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh in the late ’80s, “21 Jump Street” is something of a standout in the genre due to its almost complete focus on the comedy. . Written by Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall, it stars Hill and Channing Tatum as two police officers sent to their old high school to go undercover and find the supplier of a new drug that becomes popular with students.

Like “Bad Boys”, much of the focus is on the relationship between the two main characters, Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko. Hill and Tatum bring two very distinct personalities to the protagonists, who manage to get along and form an effective partnership despite their differences. Most of the humor comes from the clash of looks and demeanor between the two, creating a classic double act and carrying the film effortlessly.

“21 Jump Street” was a financial success, earning $200 million according to Box Office Mojo, and was a hit with critics. Most critics agreed that the movie managed to combine good jokes with a heavy dose of 80s nostalgia in a way that didn’t feel overdone or corny. Since then, there’s been a successful sequel in the form of “22 Jump Street,” as well as plans (which may or may not come to fruition) for a “Men in Black” crossover and female-led spinoff.