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10 Episodes Of The Anime Series Better Than The Movies

Many episodes from 1994 Spider Man The animated series were adapted from some of Spider-Man’s greatest comic book stories up to that point. Most of the first season is made up of adaptations of Spidey’s early adventures in the 1960s. As the series progressed, more complex stories like “Turning Point”, the Carnage saga and even the ” clones” have been adapted.

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Many fans prefer this series to other Spidey cartoons that came before and after. The episodes were rhythmic. The characters have grown and evolved. Spider-Man’s world was so fleshed out. Even after several rounds of Spider-Man films, the ’90s animated series remains one of the character’s most faithful and well-constructed adaptations, with episodes that match and exceed the quality of the films.

ten The best version of the origin of the Symbiote

Spiderman 3 addressed the origin of the symbiote. Unfortunately, there was a lot going on in this movie, so the origin of the symbiote was narrowed down to a random meteorite crashing near Peter and MJ. In all honesty, the true comic origin of the symbiote, seen in the original Secret Warswas probably too expensive to recreate on film.

The best version of the symbiote’s origin lies in the ’94 animated series. After a space mission goes horribly wrong, astronauts crash their shuttle in New York City. After Spider-Man saves them, an alien substance bonds with him. The dream sequence when he bonds with the symbiote is chilling, and Venom’s ultimate reveal is even scarier.

9 Spider-Man battles the Insidious Six

Spider-Man: No Coming Home gave audiences the closest thing to a cinematic Sinister Six we’ve seen. But if fans are looking for a real villain team with six members, they can find one in the second season of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

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As Peter’s powers begin to fail him, the Kingpin organizes the Insidious Six consisting of Mysterio, Rhino, Doc Ock, Scorpion, Chameleon, and Shocker. The team proves too much for Spider-Man, so he’s forced to play on their egos and turn them against each other. Seeing six of Spidey’s greatest enemies team up in animation was so much fun. The Insidious Six would even return in later episodes.

8 Punisher, Kraven and Blade have joined the hunt

Punisher Spider-Man Animated Series

The second season of Spider Man was all about the mutation. When Spider-Man’s powers manifest into something monstrous, he asks the X-Men for help. Spidey’s growing mutation leads to the creation of Morbius and Spider-Man. These creatures attract the attention of Kraven the Hunter, The Punisher, and Blade.

The episode “Dual of the Hunters” pits Kraven against the Punisher with Spider-Man caught in the middle. And subsequent episodes bring Blade into the fray. This series is fast-paced, packing so much action into so little time.

7 Peter is living the last nightmare

“The Final Nightmare” is the Season 2 finale and the culmination of all the madness that has unfolded in the thirteen episodes leading up to it. Season 2o is known as “The Neogenic Nightmare”, an apt name for a season-long story arc that revolves around multiple characters changing their DNA to become something else.

Peter wants to stop his growing mutation and return to his natural age, Scorpio wants to heal, and Vulture wants eternal youth. All of their storylines converge here in what is one of the show’s most explosive and entertaining episodes.

6 Adaptation of the classic Turning Point story

amazing spider man #121, also known as “Turning Point”, is one of the most famous Spider-Man comic book issues of all time. The issue involves the death of Gwen Stacy and sets up the death of Norman Osborn in the following issue. Spider-Man: The Animated Series adapts this classic story with a few necessary changes.

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Mary Jane replaces Gwen, as there was no Gwen Stacy on the show at the time, and instead of being killed, MJ falls through a portal to another world. Norman does not die but is also sucked into the same portal. Despite the changes, this episode is just as impactful and moving as the comic it’s based on.

5 Black Cat enters the animated series

Black-Cat-Spider-Man Animated Series

As the series entered its fourth season, Peter dealt with the disappearance of Mary Jane and the introduction of the black cat. Felicia Hardy had been a main character since Season 1. She was intimately involved in several stories featuring Doc Ock and the Hobgoblin.

In two episodes titled “The Cat” and “The Black Cat”, Felicia Hardy learns the truth about her burglar cat father. She is then subjected to an experiment that transforms her into a super-soldier. The series wisely built a strong character of Felicia Hardy early on. When she became Black Cat, she received an upgrade to what was already a solid base.

4 Harry Osborn becomes the Green Goblin

Harry Osborn and Green Goblin in Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Harry Osborn was an antagonist of Peter. Despite their claims of friendship, they both fought for MJ’s affections. It didn’t help Harry to blame Spider-Man for his father’s disappearance. Harry was an interesting and complex character, despite his limited screen time.

The Green Goblin’s spirit caused Harry to take the Goblin Formula. Harry finally learned that his father was the Green Goblin and his spirit was shattered. “Return of the Green Goblin” delved into Harry’s fractured mind and his father’s warped vision. Too bad the show didn’t spend a little more time exploring the character.

3 Hydro-Man’s Return Comes With A Shocking Revelation

Spider-Man originally defeated Hydro-Man a long time ago in season two. In the fifth and final season, it was revealed that Miles Warren had cloned Hydro-Man. Mary Jane, who had somehow returned and married Peter, was also revealed to be a clone created by Warren.

Fans knew something was up the moment Mary Jane returned. She had disappeared through a portal, yet she showed up at Peter’s door as if nothing had happened. Her clone was made of the same genetics as Hydro-Man and eventually, her form couldn’t hold and she liquefied. Peter lost MJ twice. Spider-Man’s cry for MJ at the end of the episode was chilling and heartbreaking.

2 Spider-Man’s Greatest Allies Join the Secret Wars

A being called The Beyonder pitted Spider-Man against some of Earth’s greatest enemies in an alien world. Spider-Man selected some of his greatest allies to join him. This three-part episode adapted the Secret Wars comic book miniseries and featured returning appearances from Iron Man, Captain America, Storm, the Fantastic Four, and more.

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Because nearly every other superhero featured here starred in their own TV series at the time, this episode felt like the 90s animated equivalent of Infinity War Where End of Game and stands today as one of the series’ most exciting installments.

1 The Original Spider-Verse Team

Spider-People of alternate worlds teaming up isn’t a strange concept for 2022 comic book audiences and fans. wasn’t an animated movie, a season-long arc about Ultimate Spider-Manor a comic book event in 2015. The original “Spider-Verse” occurred in the last two episodes of the 1994 animated series.

When the Carnage symbiote bonds with otherworldly Peter Parker, our Peter teams up with five other Spider-Men to stop him. This episode ended the series on a high, helped make Scarlet Spider a fan-favorite character, and even featured a Stan Lee cameo.

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