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10 Superhero Movies With The Worst CGI, Ranked

Superhero movies have come a long way over the years. Advances in technology and improvements in computer-generated imagery have allowed movies to bring superheroes to the big screen like never before. However, CGI technology had to come a long way in those days.

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The evolution of CGI technology and the advanced skills of the artists behind the animation are especially visible in superhero movies. There have been a number of comic book adaptations that highlight improvement over the years. Movies with bad CGI make modern effects all the more brilliant.

ten Both Daredevil and Elektra suffered from weak CGI that looked more like a video game

Daredevil and Elektra movie poster

2003 daredevil brought the Man Without Fear to the big screen alongside the assassin Elektra. Elektra then starred in its own spin-off in 2005. Both films suffered from the CGI of the era in different ways, and poor CGI detracted from the viewing experience.

daredevil featured a few sketchy CGI fight scenes as well as an eerie focus on a computer-generated rat on the streets of New York. Electra featured a few villains from The Hand with abilities like Tattoo, whose CGI tattoos never quite felt like they came to life.

9 Green Lantern featured an all-CG costume that disappointed quite a few fans

One of the weirdest choices made in 2011 The Green Lantern was to use a completely computer-generated costume. Though that makes sense with all the alien members of the Green Lantern Corps already fully rendered alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan.

Unfortunately, the costume looked like weird artificial skin. It featured an oddly cut mask that ultimately distracted from the big moments of The Green Lantern. The complete CGI design of the villainous Parallax received an overhaul that failed the big-screen debut Avatar of Fear.

8 Reed Richards’ stretch ability was the worst CG power in the Fantastic Four franchise

Movie versions of Reed Richards stretching into the Fantastic Four franchise

There Were Two Different Attempts To Adapt Marvel The Fantastic Four. Both films struggled with using CGI to bring Reed Richards’ stretching ability to live action. While the rest of the Fantastic Four and their abilities hold up well, Mister Fantastic’s outstretched arms are anything but fantastic.

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2015 Fant4stic tried using a bulkier costume to help hide the unnatural look of Reed’s elasticity. 2005 The Fantastic Four made it impossible to ignore some of the outrageously bad CGI that only seemed to get worse in 2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

seven Catwoman featured CG climbing scenes and artificial cats that made a bad movie worse

Halle Berry Catwoman

The reinvention of DC in 2004 catwoman was one of the worst superhero movies ever made for a number of reasons. The CGI scenes were one of those reasons. Not only were computer-generated cats used, but a CGI double for Catwoman appeared as she jumped and crawled around the city.

catwoman also featured a number of poorly made green wallpapers. These decorations made catwoman look like a series of connected music videos. These scenes, at least, served to temporarily distract fans from the other disappointing aspects of catwoman.

6 Henry Cavill’s Contractually Obligated Mustache Had to be Digitally Removed from Justice League

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League

There were quite a few disappointing examples of CGI misuse in the 2017 theatrical cut of Justice League. These included the less than intimidating design of the villainous General Steppenwolf, as well as his underwhelming army of Parademons.

What really upset fans was the use of CGI to remove Henry Cavill’s mustache during reshoots while he was also filming Mission Impossible: Fallout. Every scene featuring Superman’s digitally removed mustache is cringe-worthy and sometimes hard to ignore. The 2021 release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League removed these scenes and improved the design of Steppenwolf.

5 Hulk’s CGI Looks Even Worse Compared to MCU Versions of The Avenger

Hulk fighting mutant dogs in Hulk 2003

Ang Lee directed 2003 Pontoon adaptation, which attempted to mix mediums. With a new version of a comic book movie, Pontoon won over some fans when it was first released. However, there were some complaints about the CGI used – for the transformed version of Hulk and the battle with the final villain, a version of his father who was merged into Absorbing Man.

The special effects in Pontoon don’t resist compared to the more advanced CGI versions of the character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is especially true when looking at some of the other bad examples in Pontoon, like the Hulk Dogs and their ensuing battle with the Green Goliath.

4 Suicide Squad suffered from overuse of Bland CGI with forgettable villain designs

Enchantress and Eye of Adversary from Suicide Squad

The DCEU focused on the dark side in 2016 Suicide Squad. suicide squad assembled a team of incarcerated supervillains into a top-secret government team to deal with metahumans after Superman’s loss in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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The threat came from within Task Force X. The former witch, Enchantress, escaped to free her brother Incubus, who was a fully animated character when he didn’t possess a body. They took over Midway City and filled it with faceless soldiers and corrupt civilians. They all shared the same CGI design which didn’t leave much of an impact.

3 The CG Claw Effects In X-Men Origins: Wolverine Pale In Comparison To Other Movies

Logan touches his claws in X-Men Origins Wolverine

2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine explored the early life of the popular X-Men member. Wolverine focused on the experience that coated his bones and claws in nearly indestructible metallic adamantium. Unfortunately, the effects didn’t stack with Wolverine’s other appearances in the long run. x-men franchise.

His freshly coated claws seemed to float above his hands and didn’t match the look of adamantium previously seen on the big screen. It gave fans another reason to be upset with Wolverine’s disappointing entry into the film franchise.

2 Blade II’s CG battle scenes arrived before tech could really nail down the move

Bldae II CGI Fight Scene

Guillermo del Toro put his own spin on Marvel’s vampire hunter with 2002’s Blade II. Blade II introduced the ancient ruling family of vampires who used well-trained vampire ninjas with high-tech infiltration equipment.

When they first met Blade, they engaged in an epic fight scene with fast-paced martial arts and a sun-infused battlefield. Unfortunately, this was limited by the CG scenes which didn’t do justice to the choreographed fights.

1 Spawn showcased some of the worst examples of CGI in superhero movie history

1997 Spawn adapted Todd McFarlane’s popular Image Comics character. Spawn is about a murdered marine, who makes a deal with the devil to return as one of the devil’s dark soldiers, and embarks on the ultimate war against heaven.

Spawn emphasized the special effects of his Infernal Suit which did not match the capabilities of technology at the time. While the practical effects of the costume were sometimes impressive, SpawnThe CG cape and hellish enemies failed to impress fans in theaters.

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