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All Omari Hardwick Movies and Shows on Netflix

Unsurprisingly, Omari Hardwick has become a beloved household name lately.

The American actor certainly deserves all this praise and therefore all the more so because he is not only super ambitious with the roles he plays, but also super versatile, able to play any character that any director gives him. Moreover, he is extremely motivated, so we will certainly see him even more impressive in the near future, much to our delight.

Luckily for Netflix users, most of Hardwick’s upcoming titles are set to hit Netflix very soon. But, while you wait to see this talented actor in another Netflix title, you should definitely check out all of his movies and shows on the streaming site. Which ones in particular? We have highlighted them below.

Omari Hardwick movies on Netflix

From starring in a post-apocalyptic film directed by Zack Snyder to being featured in a mind-blowing movie about office workers, Hardwick has been in a good chunk of the popular films we still talk about today.

Here are the Netflix movies starring Omari Hardwick:

  • army of the dead (as Vanderohe)
  • sorry to disturb you (like Mr. [Blank])
  • shooting caller (as Kutcher)
  • In the middle of nowhere (as Derek)
  • I will follow (like Troy)
  • Line monitoring (like Kimo)

Plus, Hardwick is set to appear in the next Netflix movie. Pieces of her alongside Toni Collette and Jessica Barden. See Hardwick in the official trailer for Pieces of her below.

Now that you’ve added all of these movies to your must-see list, it’s time to add some shows. Read on to find out which Netflix series Omari Hardwich has been or will be in.

Omari Hardwick appears on Netflix

Currently, there are no Netflix shows starring Omari Hardwick (an absolute travesty!), however, there is one particular title you expect to arrive later this year that will mark Hardwick’s first show on the platform and it’s anime series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

Hardwick will lend his voice to the project, once again portraying the character of Vanderohe, so it’s sure to be a great watch once released.

Hopefully, in the near future, Omari Hardwick will secure even more Netflix shows and movies. Until then, we hope you enjoy all of these great titles featuring this beloved actor.