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10 Best Animated Movies Like DC League of Super Pets

With a current audience rating of 88% on rotten tomatoes, DC League of Super Pets uses comedy, animation, fun takes on old characters and a stellar animation style to prove that there are thousands more stories to be told about DC’s superhero stories and that there are endless ways to tell them.

Watching a brand new movie like no other often makes you want to watch another one with similar aspects. From humor to content to themes, there are absolutely enough anime movies in the world to delight fans right up to a sequel. DC League of Super Pets is (hopefully) announced.


ten Over the limit

Over the limit came out in 2006 and featured Bruce Willis, Steve Carell, Wanda Sykes and many other very household names. The story was about a sneaky raccoon named RJ who exploits a group of small forest animals to help him steal food from humans to help pay off a debt.

Throughout the story, each character goes through their own individual arc, and the film is equally entertaining for adults and children drawn to the adorable cartoon animals. With themes, a moral and a heart that are incredibly reminiscent of that of DC League of Super Pets, Over the limit is an excellent hunter choice for the new film.

9 Puss in Boots

2011 Puss in Boots, which will release an upcoming sequel later this year, is a fun and frivolous story of an outlaw cat and his childhood friend, Humpty Dumpty. Like its predecessors in the Shrek franchise, much of its backstory derives from classic fairy tales, and as DC League of Super Petsit manages to strongly and successfully develop its source material in all the best ways.

With the sequel set to establish a whole new style of in-line animation with The villains and Super Animals as well as enjoyable comedies and characters for all viewers of all ages, Puss in Boots is undoubtedly a fun, enjoyable, and incredibly timely addition to the animal animation watchlist.

8 Rio

Although Blue Sky Studios sadly closed its doors amid a drop in the ratings of a COVID-19 film release, the film studio has managed to produce highly rated and widely acclaimed films that are each worth a show. Within these titles, Rio stands as a fun and delicious testament to the love owners feel for their pets and the care taken in maintaining and protecting endangered species of animals.

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Along with its sequel, the Rio the films have reached nearly $1 billion at the box office, and the series now has a third film in the works with Disney. It’s a wonderful and fun watch worth sitting down and devoting an hour and a half two anytime after-Super Animals viewing or otherwise.

seven The nut work

The nut work manages to have a very similar sense of comedy compared to DC League of Super Pets, and a few similar character designs, which may make viewers want to see him again before the movie is even done. But without disturbing the flow of Stop-Petsif you’re looking for a good warm up or cool down for the new movie, 2014 The nut work certainly works in conjunction with it.

A fun movie for kids, this film is nothing if not a must-watch and a relic of a decade of animated anthropomorphic adventures. Although it was met with mixed reviews, it received a sequel three years after its release, and it left quite a distinct mark on the minds of anyone who watched its initial release.

6 zootopia

zootopia proved pretty hard to miss when it hit theaters in 2016. The incredible cast included names like Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Batman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate, and JK Simmons, and established an animated world unlike any others.

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The film is essentially a buddy-cop film with anthropomorphic animals, but has shone for years as an incredible distinction from any film made before or since. That said, it undoubtedly corresponds to the Super Animals comedy, character types, storytelling and dialogue strength.

5 Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar, a prequel to the previous three films in the Madagascar franchise, tells a version of the origin stories of the beloved avian quartet from the original films. It follows Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private as penguin chicks in Antarctica and through their own sci-fi adventure story, complete with outrageous misadventures and a fun, intriguing villain.

The film should not be confused with the TV show of the same name, and featured solid dialogue and a whirlwind of jokes. Despite being the lowest-rated film in the franchise, Penguins of Madagascar was enjoyed by many, spawning dozens of internet memes and reinvigorating many’s love for the series.

4 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In the same realm of classic superheroes from an all-new animated perspective comes the 2018 Instant Classic, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The film immediately had a grip on the box office numbers upon release and very quickly gained acceptance as a vital addition to Spider-Man lore.

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Into the Spider-Verse and DC League of Super Pets each focuses on lesser-known characters from insanely popular superhero franchises, and while still allowing classic fan-favorite characters to focus a bit on other characters from the series.

3 The secret life of pets

If the post-Super Animals longing is for another movie about the goofy misadventures of a ragtag group of pets, The secret life of pets is an obvious choice. The secret life of pets had a star-studded cast and was successful enough to spark a sequel, both of which were positively received by audiences around the world.

The 2016 film was a big hit as a cute movie for the whole family, and once again rekindled audiences’ desire to see cute animated pets through their crazy adventures in the big city.

2 Megamind

For another quick comedy about good and evil, Megamind, a goofy animated classic from Tom McGrath DreamWorks, is about a villain gone good, superheroes and surprising villains. The film was released in 2010 and has only grown in popularity year after year.

The titular character Megamind and his sidekick, Minion, make a comedic duo unmatched in every way. While the movie is worth watching no matter what, if one finds themselves enjoying the scenes between DC’s captured superheroes, there’s no doubt that this movie will find a way into the same category by heart and mind.

1 The LEGO Batman Movie

Another unique version of a DC superhero, The LEGO Batman Movie did spectacularly at the box office and was a smash hit with fans of previous LEGO movies and Batman fanatics alike. With a very similar style of humor and the obvious Batman character overlap, these two films can absolutely be paired on a DC animation binge.

The LEGO Batman Movie delivered both the charm and the level of entertainment for adults and children who DC League of Super Pets also manages to arouse.

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