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Best text animation apps for your business videos

Videos are powerful marketing tools that every business should use today. Most internet users are accustomed to consuming video content on a daily basis, which means using this form of marketing strategy will help brands get easily recognized.

Not to mention that social media and video distribution platforms are helping to increase video viewing by pushing this content further on the channel. Most internet users use websites and video services to check information about a product or service that they have never used before.

For example, if you run a business around blockchain technology, it’s important to include blockchain videos on your website. This way, people can find out more about your business in a short time. Or if you’re in insurance, you gotta watch insurance startup ideas so you can constantly bring something new to your business.

So if you haven’t started using videos in your marketing strategy yet, now is the time. You can create videos to persuade your audience and give them a reason to buy from you. If you are not familiar with creating videos, you can use the best text animation apps for creating professional videos.

Here are the six best text animation apps for professional videos.

1. Host

Animaker is one of the best text animation apps for corporate videos. It allows users to create professional-looking animated videos without any coding or design knowledge. The app comes with a library of over 500 pre-made templates that you can use right away. All you will have to do is add your message and edit your video accordingly before sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube among others.

The tool features over 100 visual effects, 200 transition effects, a music library with 1,000 free tracks, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that lets you create the perfect animated video in minutes. The app also offers a premium version which unlocks all of its features including advanced editing options, HD resolution output files, and access to premium music tracks.

2. Legend

Legend is another great text animation app for professional videos. You can use this tool to create stylish and professional looking videos in minutes. The app comes with a variety of video templates that you can use for your promotional or marketing videos.

You can also create your own video with the tool’s simple drag-and-drop editor, or you can choose from a number of available templates. The app is free to download and use, but you will need to upgrade to unlock all premium features and templates.

3. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is one of the best text animation apps for corporate videos. It allows users to create their animated videos using their voiceover skills and their own photos, graphics, illustrations, etc.

The app comes with over 1000 professional animated scenes that you can mix and match to create an engaging video presentation. This animation tool will help you effectively promote your products or services on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, among others.

4. Magical Animator

Magic Animator is another text animation app for professional videos. Especially if you want to create animated content, you must use this software.

Users can use Magic Animator easily as it is suitable for beginners. With over thousands of animation templates, small businesses can enhance their video marketing strategy and stand out from the crowd.

5. iAnimate Pro

If you are new to video marketing strategies, you should try using iAnimate Pro. This tool is easy to use because the dashboard is very intuitive.

You can create multiple video contents directly from this software. Content like tutorial, DIY tips or even customer testimonials can be created using this text animation tool. This software helps you add voiceover and subtitles to each of your videos in a short time.

6. Type of hype

Hype Type is another of the best text animation apps for professional videos. It allows users to add text animations, voiceovers, and photos or images to create engaging videos for social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram.

The tool comes with a simple drag and drop editor that allows you to easily edit your video before sharing it on social media. You can also share your video directly from the app on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, for maximum impact.

Text animation apps help brands make marketing videos more engaging by adding visual effects to written text. Moreover, these text animation apps are easy to use and allow users to create their animated video presentations using their voice over skills, photos, graphics, illustrations, etc.

Make sure to use one of the text animation apps above if you want to create stunning video content about your business. Your audience will love it if you post entertaining yet educational videos on your professional channel. This will attract them to your brand and eventually turn them into customers.